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  • Fillers: What Areas Should You Treat First?
Well, if somebody in their forties comes in and they kind of want a little bit of filler, what we wanna do is look in the mirror and look to see how aging has affected their face, because one forty year old face is gonna be different than the next, and the next, and the next. Some of this will be related to lifestyle choices as well as genetics. So my job is to educate the patient about aging in general and then more specifically how aging has affected their face.

So it may be that they've hollowed out in the temples and in the chin, but maybe not in the nasal labial folds. Or maybe they've hollowed underneath the eyes and they're getting a little bit of a heavy brow. So every face is different, every face is unique, and my goal is to tailor a treatment specifically to that person and what has happened to their face over time.

Fillers: What Areas Should You Treat First?

Doctor Karyn Grossman discusses her process for assessing where to being with filler treatments.