Over the past few years, we've learned and come to appreciate that aging really relates to loss of volume in the face. Since 2008, in our practice, we've been using Sculptra to re-establish volume in the face and we love it. It's a wonderful product. It re-establishes the volume of the face in a natural manner. In December of 2013, a new product called Voluma came on the market and was FDA approved. It's been used in Europe since 2008. We've been using quite a bit of it and we've been amazed at how powerful it is at re-volumizing the cheeks, how happy our patients are with that product and consequently by re-volumizing the cheek, it's lifting other areas of the face, but we find that still when you re-volumize the cheek, there are other areas such as the area in front of the ears and the temple and maybe even here in the Marionette folds that need more volume.

When you inject Voluma, there's an immediate effect, which patients appreciate and then we use Sculptra in the other areas to totally globally volumize the face and re-establish the hard-shaped face of youth. Using those two products together is wonderful. Sculptra takes a little bit of time. Patients increase their volume over time and sometimes it takes multiple sessions but by using Voluma, immediately they have that immediate gratification and then over time, they just get better and better in the most natural way.

Voluma is such a natural feel under the face immediately once we put it in. You can massage it down. We put it down to the bone and we are basically re-creating the bone that's lost with aging. Patients can't really feel it there but it's such a three-dimensional filler that even though a before and after picture may not show it, when we show a patient a mirror, they are "Oh, my God. This is the greatest thing I've ever had" and their friends are telling them that so their friends are coming into the office and having it done. I think Voluma is a revolutionary filler. It just springs the skin up more than anything we've ever had available to us and again in a most natural and safe way.

These Two Injections Work Together to Create a Minimally-Invasive Facelift

Dr. Michael Persky describes how the Voluma and Sculptra injectables work together to deliver a minimally-invasive facelift.