Hi. My name is Inky as most of you know if you're seeing this. You know that I've been losing weight and I finally got to the point where I lost all the weight that I intended to, but now I have some sagging skin and so my breasts needed some help so I reduced them and I had a tummy tuck. I had excellent results. I would show you but I'm a little private, but you can all see the outer shell. I'm very happy. It was a procedure that went pretty well. I didn't have to take all my pain pills; they're sitting home as a matter of fact. Excellent results and I'm glad that I did this, and I wish that I had done it sooner but I didn't lose the weight sooner, so anybody that's interested, you know, hit me up and I'll be more than glad to tell you what I actually went through in more details. Thank you.

A Massive Weight Loss Patient Shares Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift Experience

Dr. John Zannis introduces us to a weight loss patient who wanted to look her best after reaching her weight loss goal. Hear how she feels about her decision to get a tummy tuck and breast lift.