The Brazilian Buttock Lift is a type of gluteal augmentation procedure which results in a more youthful, prominent and perky buttocks with an improved silhouette. Men and women of all ages are having the buttock lift procedure. During the procedure, I remove the fat cells from selected areas of your body, purify them and then re-inject them into the appropriate aesthetic units. I am not making the buttock area larger, but taking unwanted fat and using them to sculpt and reshape the gluteal region. This operation is very artistic and I really enjoy it. For men or women who do not have adequate fat storage, silicone implants are used to achieve the same aesthetic results as your own tissues.

Should I Use Fat or Implants For a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Dr. Kevin Tehrani explains that a butt can be artistically sculpted by using a patient's own fat. If the patient doesn't have enough fat of their own, silicone implants can be used to create the same shapely result.