Dr. Dustin L. Reid: Let me tell you a little bit about the history of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has been a specialty for over a hundred years, and, basically, surgeons who were interested in wound care, and healing of complex wounds, started the specialty. And it shares it's name with the product that we all know as plastic, because that word comes from the Greek "plasticos," which means to shape or mold. Plastic surgeons have shifted patients' tissues, et cetera, for complex wounds, for the past 100 years. When cosmetic surgery became more popular, plastic surgeons were the obvious choice to push the envelope in this new frontier. However, over the years, as healthcare has changed, and reimbursements have changed for other physicians, there has been a practice drift, where other specialties are wanting to perform cosmetic surgery, even though they may not have the full training. Just like you wouldn't want a plastic surgeon to perform your cardiac surgery or your hysterectomy, you don't want a gynecologist to do your cosmetic surgery.

A Brief History of Plastic Surgery by Dr. Dustin L. Reid

Doctor Dustin Reid briefly discusses the history of plastic surgery.