Dr. Hardesty: Often after massive weight loss or even pregnancy, the breasts will sag. Why is this? It's because that the skin bra is larger than the breast tissue. If we do a breast augmentation we can also make an incision internally that auto-rotates the nipple up. That's what we call the Internal Lift. If there's excess skin, we can also do the Circle Lift. If there's more tissue, there's other alternatives to do.

Dr. Bennett: Such as the Lollipop or even the Anchor. These are fine line scars that help to reduce the skin envelope and lift your breast.

Dr. Hardesty: We've modified these techniques to what we call the LaBra Technique. We call this Liposuction Assisted Breast Reduction Alternative. What is that mean? It simply means that we've incorporated liposuction to sculpt the breast, therefore we reduce the amount of skin that needs to be removed and lessen the scar.

Dr. Bennett: So that you can have a nice shape with minimal scarring.

"LaBra" Breast Reduction Technique Delivers Nice Shape With Minimal Scarring

Dr. Robert Hardesty and Dr. Della Bennett explain multiple breast lift techniques, including one that uses liposuction and fat transfer provide a better lift with minimal scarring.