Hi, I’m Dr. Yoo. I’m a facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and I’d like to talk about Botox for masseter reduction or the V-line procedure.

The masseter is a very large bulky muscle located on the sides of the mandible. It's one of four involved chewing. The masseter muscle in individuals who chew frequently and even in some individuals who do not can become very bulky. This bulk translate into excess width in the lower third of the face and its square-shaped appearance.

Botox when used within the masseter muscle just like in other muscles can be used to relax its function and prevents contraction of the muscle. Typically this takes a day and up to seven days to pull the muscle. Once relaxed, the masseter muscle will slowly atrophy, and slim down, and become thinner.

The treatment with Botox for masseter reduction, the muscle will show slimming gradually over the course of the first month and does taper the face. Looking at these before and afters of a before and one month after treatment, we can see that there is a significant tapering and slimming of the jawline and the jaw has much more of a V-line or tapered appearance than before. Again, here is another view of the same patient and we can see the reduction and the bulk and the volume of the jawline.

Surprising Uses For Botox: Taper the Jawline For a Slimmer Appearance

Dr. Donald Yoo discusses how Botox can be used to taper and slim the jawline.