#1: Choose a Doctor You Feel Comfortable With
Make sure you and your doctor are on the same page about what you want done to your nose.
And what you don’t want done.
Definitely speak up now or you may regret it later.

#2: Get Your Body Ready
Talk to your doctor about any medications you're taking.
Even vitamins and supplements.
And figure out which ones you should stop before surgery.
Oh, and one more thing.
Stop smoking!
Kicking the habit will not only speed up your recovery, but will help reduce any risk of complications.

#3: Prepare Your Station
Before your procedure, make sure to get your post-op station ready.
That means deck out your bedside table with everything you’ll need for life after surgery.
We’re thinking bottled water and a little lip balm.
You’re mouth will get really dry from breathing through it.

#4: Get Creative With Your Glasses
If you wear glasses, you’ll need to do some clever maneuvering for the first four weeks.
Either tape them to your forehead so they don’t rest on your nose…
Or put some foam in between you and your glasses.
Make sure you have plenty of front-buttoning shirts. You do not want to pull anything over your head and risk bumping your nose.

#5: Keep Your Head Up
Elevate your head while you sleep to minimize swelling.
Keep in mind that swelling can take weeks, months, or even a year to completely go down.
Once your cast comes off, you might feel like your nose looks too upturned.
Just remember that what you see and feel in the beginning is so much different from how you'll look and feel once you’re fully healed.

#6: Be Careful How You Blow Your Nose
There are rules to how you blow your nose after surgery.
And it all depends on whether or not you had a septoplasty.
If you didn't have one, you’ll want to wait about two weeks.
With septoplasty? More like four to six.
Oh, and make sure to talk to your doctor for specific instructions first

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