Jennifer: So I had surgery about seven hours ago, 10 o'clock this morning. I got home around 1:30. I napped for about two hours and fifteen minutes. Other than a little bit of a hoarse throat, which is kind of sexy sounding anyway, I feel really good. I took a shower. I had a bowl of Cheerios. I took my medications and it was a good nap. Woke up from my nap, just rolled to my side. Everything feels good. Currently the incisions feel a little bit like there's a weariness there, but I wouldn't call it pain.

In the shower I was able to raise my arms up, still raising my arms up now. I do my exercises five times every hour until I go to bed. Feels really good. This is not hard. The hard thing was to take the cap off of my medications, pushing, because my flex in my chest felt a little weird.

You can take up to like my chin but leave above of it out.

So you can see my hands above my head. No problem at all. This is not painful. Feels like a bit of a stretch underneath the breast tissue, but there's no pain whatsoever.

I woke up this morning. I was afraid I was going to be kind of stiff and have a hard time getting out of bed. No problem at all. Exercises are even easier to do this morning than they were last night. I can straighten my arms a little bit more, more range of motion, less tightness underneath my armpits. The actual chest itself, I feel a little bit bruised where the incisions were but really no pain at all.

So the swelling has totally come in from left and right. And you can see that you can barely see the incision. It's inside the crease and it's underneath. And the contours from the side, the swelling is coming down from the top down as well. So the contours starting to change that way also. So I'm excited to see as I continue to change and continue to come in place, but they're really symmetrical and an excellent size already.

I'm not even a week out from surgery yet and I feel great. The bloating has started to come down. The fluid's coming out of my system, coming in a little bit, little less swollen. I haven't dropped any more, I'm staying kind of where I am which is great because I'm not too high. I'm getting tons of positive feedback still. Last night after I did 15 minutes laying on my belly, I just put a little pressure on my hands, just to see if I can push, I was able to do a full range of motion. Not like a heavy-duty push up, but just lift myself off with my pec muscles without pain at all. It was excellent.

I'm pretty excited. I've been following all the instructions and antibiotics are finished now. They finished a couple days ago. Today was my first day back at my usual schedule, so worked a 15 hour day, so I had clients this morning, did some consulting, and then clients this evening, so I was pretty active all day. So I will admit, I'm tired. And I definitely feel like I've been on my feet and I'm active, like I'm achy, like I need rest. But not any more sore than I have been, just tired. Okay I'm going to show you the incisions now.

So you can see that they've come in this way and they really haven't come down much at all. They're perfect. And honestly, I'm just thrilled.

Jennifer's One Day Recovery Breast Augmentation

Dr. Mark D. Epstein documents the 6 day recovery process for a patient after having had a breast augmentation.