#1: Does It Hurt?
It’s a common question.
Our answer: It depends.
Most doctors use a topical anesthetic.
And you can ask if the Juvederm you’re getting is pre-mixed with the numbing agent lidocaine.
It also matters if your doc uses a needle or a cannula.
Our community tells us that the blunt tip cannula is the least painful.
I'm not sure what a cannula is but we'll just roll with it.
Am I saying that right? It's cannula, right?

#2: You Might Look a Little Bruised
We’ve had RealSelf community members tell us they’ve seen bruises after their injections.
Sometimes they’re just a little black and blue.
Nothing a little makeup won’t cover.
And sometimes they’re a little more sore.
Seriously, though, bruising is typically minor.

#3: Tips For Life After Injection
Once you’re back home, use these two tips to help for any aftercare.
First, try hot and cold compresses to reduce any swelling.
Next, buy some arnica gel for aches and pains.
You should be able to find it at most health food stories and pharmacies.
Also, for all of you who have a history of cold sores, listen up.
If you get your lips injected, the filler could trigger one.
Tell your doctor in advance so you can get some Valtrex to fight the flare-up.

#4: Lumps and Bumps
Juvederm is malleable, which means lumps and bumps may happen.
So you can actually kind of massage it out.
Ask your doctor to show you how to massage out any of the rough spots.
It can be a little painful but will keep you looking smooth.

#5: Less Is More
If this is your first time getting Juvederm, err on the side of caution.
Remember: You buy the entire vial or syringe of Juvederm.
That means, if you don’t use it all, your doctor will keep it on hand for your next injection.
Better to be cautious than get those infamous duck lips.
Quack, quack, baby.
You can always go back for more later!

For more tips from those who’ve been there, read thousands of first-hand experiences on RealSelf.

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When getting Juvederm, follow these tips from our RealSelf community.