Dr. Mark Epstein: Welcome! I'm Dr. Mark Epstein, a plastic surgeon practicing in Stoney Brook, Long Island, New York. One of the most common questions that I'm asked during a breast augmentation consultation is, "What will I look like after breast augmentation surgery?"

Well, up until recently, there has been no good way to demonstrate this. In the past, women have taken implants, bags of water, bags of rice, and placed it within their bra. The problem with that is the implant is not sitting on top of the chest wall, as it does after surgery, nor are the tissues draping over the implant. Therefore, the demonstration is highly inaccurate, and is probably more detrimental to the consultation process to the consultation process than helpful.

The computer simulation has been around for approximately twenty years, but this has been in two dimensions, like a photograph. However recently, as recent as March of 2009, the computer is now available for three-dimensional computer simulation.

Three-dimensional computer simulation is a two step process. The first involves taking a three-dimensional image of the woman's chest, and secondly, taking that image and importing it into special software to perform the computer simulation.

Now remember, this is a computer simulation. The results are not guaranteed. However, in my estimation, the results are fairly close in most cases, and is very useful as a tool in explaining to the patient what they may look like after surgery.

3D Breast Enhancement Simulation

Doctor Mark D. Epstein discusses how modern computer simulation is used to create 3D breast enhancement result representations.