This is Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh of Carolina Facial Plastics. Today we're going to be talking about what I do during a facelift to make the result look natural. When patients are undergoing facelifts, the one thing they're concerned about is they don't want to look done, they want to look very natural, and so there are subtle things that we do to ensure that they have the most natural and best results.

There are some things that are telltale signs that people have facelifts. The first thing we do is the proper placement of the incision. For people, sometimes they have the incisions done in such a way it actually cuts off the hair tufts. So when they look at their hairline, the hair is cut off really high across the ear. What I do is I ensure to make the ensure below in front of the hair tufts if they have a high hair tuft already, therefore ensures that the hair is left in place after the surgery.

Usually the incision, I'll actually carry it down behind this part of the ear, the tragus of the ear. When the incision is carried behind the ear, some people make the mistake and they carry the incision across low back on the neck. And this incision can become very visible, especially when women where they're putting their hair back into a ponytail. So I ensure to take the incision and take it up very high at the highest part of the ear where the ear meets the hairline and bring the incision back this way. So the incision is hidden and not obvious.

Thirdly were going to talk about the pull of the facelift. When thinking about a facelift, it's a tendency for some surgeons to actually pull the face sideways. That's not a natural result. That actually gives you the pulled look when you pull your face to the side. The correct pull is actually in two different vectors. It's actually up, so one vector up and the face is actually up to help define the jawline, and the other one is back along the neck, so this way it creates the [inaudible 00:01:48] jawline and lifts the lower part of the face to help the pre-jowl sulcus in mirroring that line.

Those are a few ways that I go about to ensure that my patients have the most natural results. I ensure their hairline is in the natural position, that their scars are not visible, and that the pull is in the proper direction. Thank you.

3 Things Your Surgeon Can Do to Ensure Natural Facelift Results

Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh explains 3 things that a plastic surgeon must pay attention to in order to ensure a natural-looking facelift result.