Jennifer: Hello, my name is Jennifer, and I'm less than 24 hours out from my surgery, from breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Mark Epstein. We used the 24-hour technique with the rapid recovery recipe, and I can't be more pleased with the results. I feel wonderful. I think I look even better than I feel, but if I didn't know I had surgery yesterday, I don't think anybody else would have either.

So far, the results are spectacular, and I know they're going to continue to improve. I am without pain. I've taken less than the prescribed dosage of ibuprofen. I have no problem doing the exercises. I have no problem with really any movement at all.

I was a little apprehensive lying down last night 15 minutes before bed, but I'm glad I did it, because I felt much more comfortable afterwards, and I'm going to continue that protocol, because I can see why it's important.

24-hour Recovery from Breast Augmentation

Dr. Mark D. Epstein documents a 24-hour recovery update from a patient who has undergone a breast augmentation.