So this is Dr. Edward Dickerson in Fayetteville Plastic Surgery. And I really want to thank the code name "balm7934" and RealSelf for this next question. And she's a 21-year-old who says, "Am I a good candidate for facial in jowl, liposuction, or buckle fat removal or even ThermiRF?" So let's talk about a few of those things.

Once again, "balm7934" figure out what is your ultimate goal. If we have a little fullness about the jowl and chin areas, it may a simple little liposuction and fat transfer. We can always add on the THermi to tighten up the skin. If it's just a matter of "Hey, I just need a little tightening" then go with your ThermiRF.

All those procedures are minimally invasive and, once again, something I would strongly consider for a much more younger population. So "balm7934", I hope this answers your question. Hope to see you soon.

21-Year-Old Considering Jowl Treatment WIth Fat Transfer or ThermiRF

Dr. Edward Dickerson answers a RealSelf question from a young woman asking about possible treatments for her jaw area, so Dr. Dickerson talks about a few of her suggested treatments.