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Is the Vi Peel Safe to Use at Home? Effective?

Is the Vi peel a type of enzyme peel? I heard of this peel(Vi peel) that people can use at home because its so gentle. I was told that that this peel... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Exercise Right After the Vi Peel

My face sweats a lot when i exercise, will this accelerate the peeling process, how long do i have to wait before i can start my exercise routine READ MORE

Vi Peel - Safety, Risks, Scarring and Downtime

Is it safe? Any chance of scarring at all? What is the true down time? I have kiloid scars from scabs I picked when I was 12 years old. Haven't... READ MORE

Is Vi Peel Okay for Medium Brown Skin with Acne Vulgaris/Rosacea?

49yr female. Acne all my life, with calm periods. Had Levulan with blue light 2005, acne subsided but after 5th treatment area around nose and... READ MORE

At Home Vi Peel - Safe?

Is It Safe to Us VIpeel at Home Because I Suffer from Pigmentation ? im not sure if we have licensed centers that provide this treatment in my country . READ MORE

Is Vi Peel Safe for Light, Sensitive Skin?

I have a few acne scars, want to reduce pore size and a few small fine lines. READ MORE

I am allergic to sulfa. Is it safe to have a VI procedure? (photos)

I am latina (tan skin) and I am planning to have a VI Peel done in couple of weeks. I had acne and now, I mainly want to get rid of the acne scars. I... READ MORE

I breastfeed my 2 month old baby and am scheduled next week for a VI peel on my face and neck, is it safe?

Vi peels are a TCA blend applied topically. Would it be safe if I feed her stored breast milk for 72 hours, and pump and dump during that time? READ MORE

VI PEEL. I'm on second day and already peeling. Is it safe to use the third towelette even though I'm peeling ?.

I had a VI PEEL done on Tuesday afternoon, before bed I use the first towelette like directions said. Last night I used the second towelette. The two... READ MORE

Is it safe to use acetone after your VI Peel?

I had my VI Peel done today in the morning and my physician gave me 4 towelettes. The first one that I need to use four hours after the peel contains... READ MORE

VI Peel the day before my tummy tuck - is this safe?

Since I will be off work for at least 2 weeks for my Tummy Tuck, I'm thinking about getting a VI Peel the day before surgery. Is this safe? READ MORE

How to treat general sun spots quickly in Fitzgerald type 3 skin, age 30? (photo)

My doctor gave me a few options for the treatment of dark sun spots on my fair but hispanic skin. I am Fitzgerald type III. Sun spots came out quickly... READ MORE

Safety of Vi Peel with Darker Skin (Type IV/V)?

I am a 37 year-old South Asian woman and am considering a Vi Peel to treat my mild melasma/hyperpigementation and for overall skin rejuvenation. Is Vi... READ MORE

Is it safe for me to get a facial Vi Peel for my acne and dark spots even though I have eczema?

I am 21 years old and mixed African-American and white. I still have light acne and some dark scar spots in my face which i was thinking getting... READ MORE

Is it safe to get under-eye laser resurfacing/filler 2 days after Vi-peel clarify? Will keep peel away from undereye area?

I received my first vi-peel clarify over a month ago and am told that a second peel will enhance the results. After the first vi-peel my skin has been... READ MORE

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