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Damaged Skin Texture from Chemical Peel?

I had a Vi peel done 8 months ago. My skin peeled and then 2 weeks later the skin turned rough, dry, and scaly.It is still the same way.The skin... READ MORE

What is the difference between Melanage and VI Peels, and which is better for stubborn melasma?

Is a VI Peel or a Melanage Peel best for large splotches of hyperpigmentation/melasma on a man. Gone to several dermatologists and cremes,... READ MORE

I accidentally didnt follow directions and peeled skin off most my face on day 3 and now red spots are worse, is it permanent?

I'm on day 4 of the vi peel and my skin looks horrible. I'm afraid it's my fault...b/c I helped peel sheets off most of my face yesterday morning (day... READ MORE

Are these burn marks from the VI Peel normal? Will they go away soon? (Photo)

Immediately after vi peel I had these burn red marks all over my face. Are these going to leave scars? READ MORE

I have permanent discoloration after Vi peel. Is this normal? (Photo)

I has My second vi peel and it went well, I'm actually on my 7th day after the procedure and My chin is still really dry kind of peeling but some... READ MORE

Post VI peel skin is dry, cracking, seeping yellowish inflammatory fluid, and burns with no matter what I put on it. (photo)

The skin on my chin on both sides of my mouth are extremely dry and no matter what I put on it, it burns. Last night, the only thing I could find to... READ MORE

Post Vi Peel spot! Is this normal? (Photo)

I got a vi peel done earlier today and washed it off 4 hours later as instructed. I noticed prior to the peel that the sides of both my eyes were... READ MORE

I have dark bruise-like spots 4-weeks after Vi peel. Are they permanent? Do I need further treatment to remove? (Photo)

I had a vi-peel done 4 weeks ago and I thought it was going to have great results BUT. The day after most of my peeling had finished I spent about an... READ MORE

Acne craters & 3 sessions of Vi precision peel? (Photos)

I went to a dermatologist today and im looking to clear my acne but mostly my acne craters ...i will include pictures ...she recommended a vi... READ MORE

Is my face scarred permanently after 2nd day of spot treating from Vi peel? (Photo)

Is my face scarred permanently after 2nd day of spot treating from vi peel?I applied the vi peel to treat acne scarring. I only applied the solution... READ MORE

Permanent Damage from Vi Peel?

I had the Vi peel 6 months ago. My skin peeled for a week and looked great 7 days post peel, when all the skin had flaked off. About 2 weeks after... READ MORE

Soft leather, wrinkled neck from Vi peel. Is this permanent? What else can I do?

I'm on my 10th day from getting the vi peel. My face and neck have a soft grit leather feel to it and looks wrinkly/burnt. I've been putting vitamin e... READ MORE

Please tell me how to fix the discoloration, brown spots, on my face after a Vi Peel which was done two weeks ago? Is it permane

I am an african american female and had a vi-peel done two weeks ago. I have more dark spots now than before. My chin and the laugh line around my... READ MORE

Will skin damage be permanent if it was peeled too early?

I had a vi peel and in day 3 I scratched my face and accidentally peeled off some skin. It left a red streak that is still here on day 6. Is that... READ MORE

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