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5 Days Post Vi Peel Eyes Droopy and Iritated Bad. is This Ok?

5 Days Post Vi Peel Eyes Droopy and Iritated Bad. is This Ok? READ MORE

Why is my skin so irrated with me??? Burns? Scars? Help need advice. (photos)

I got a vi peel a week ago, although my pores have been cleaned out, no more pimples or black heads , my scars look so much worse!!! And my face is... READ MORE

Should the 3 post peel towelette be used on the morning of day 2 or in the evening?

Is it normal for the skin to feel irritated (mostly stingy sensation and redness) after the first and second vi post peel towelettes? READ MORE

Is there anything that I can put on it to soothe it? It is very uncomfortable.

I am on day 6 and my face had peeled and is almost back to normal. It is really dry but no more redness. My neck however is peeling and irritated. It... READ MORE

Vi Peel for acne 7 days ago and today started to get red irritated, painful with many red bumps. Am I having a reaction? (Photo)

I got the peel and everything seemed to be going great. I used only gentle cleanser and the protectant morning and night. Now on 7th day my skin is... READ MORE

Post Vi Peel spot! Is this normal? (Photo)

I got a vi peel done earlier today and washed it off 4 hours later as instructed. I noticed prior to the peel that the sides of both my eyes were... READ MORE

Major redness/irritation/uneven skin tone post Vi peel 7 days ago. Will my skin improve? (photos)

I had Vi precision peel done 7 days ago, the skin has all fallen off with some areas peeling twice. However my skin is veryyyy red and pink, and the... READ MORE

Vi peel. Pain with burning, peeling, flaking, crusting, irritation, and itching. Did I damage my skin and ruin results? (Photo)

I received a Vi Peel on 9/15. I used my normal Glytone face wash on day 3 after the peeling was complete. Its now day 5. I notice my face is getting... READ MORE

Day 3 on the VI Peel: I feel like the post peel cream is making my skin very irritated, is that normal? (Photos)

I am on day 3 of my vi-peel and my eyes are very swollen, my neck is extremely irritated (burning!)and I have tiny red bumps all over my face. The... READ MORE

I have mild PIH after a VI peel. Can I use Tret .05% all over face, then spot treat with Triluma after?

After a VI peel, which is supposed to treat brown pigmentation, I got more! I called my dermatologist, (who didn't perform the peel), and she... READ MORE

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