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Is Hyperpigmentation After Vi Peel Permanent?

I had Vi Peel on April 2, and my face became two shades darker. Is this permanent? I'm a light-skinned African-American and I'm really scared. READ MORE

Melasma Darker After Two Vipeels and Prominent in Areas I Hadn't Noticed Were Problems Before

The second peel made some of the melasma "pink" but soon became dark brown. My upper lip which had faint patches of melasma are now dark... READ MORE

Did Vi Precision Peel Cause Scarring?

My co-worker, an esthetician applied the Vi Precision Peel on 2 age spots and caused my skin to burn and darken. I also broke out from a rash with 4%... READ MORE

Hyperpigmation Got Darker After VI Peel?

I had a VI peel 12 days ago and it seems that my hyperpigmentation got darker. Will this fade? The dark spots were the reason I got the peel. Now they... READ MORE

What is the difference between Melanage and VI Peels, and which is better for stubborn melasma?

Is a VI Peel or a Melanage Peel best for large splotches of hyperpigmentation/melasma on a man. Gone to several dermatologists and cremes,... READ MORE

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Will this ever go away? (Photo)

Post 7 days VI peel I have coarse skin and hyperpigmentation on my neck. I think it's PIH, would this ever go away. What should I use to make it go... READ MORE

Acute Hyperpigermentation on South Asian Male (32 Years)?

Hi, I am a South Asian male (32 years). I have had acute acne scarring in the past and although the acne is under control, I visited a derma spa in... READ MORE

How many Vi peels would I need? (Photo)

I have a lot of hyperpigmintation and uneven skin texture. Lots of little scars that I want to get rid of. READ MORE

Tiny whiteheads after Vi Peel. (photo)

I have small pimples on my new skin after a Vi peel. How should I treat these and will they cause hyperpigmentation? READ MORE

Second VI Peel only on Cheek Problem Spot?

I recently had a VI peel and achieved awesome results with only one treatment. Pretty much every area of my face seems to have been rid of hyper... READ MORE

Can the VI Peel be used only in a specific area of the face?

Can the VI Peel be used only in a specific area of the face? For example, I only have a hyperpigmented spot on the side of my nose. I have tried... READ MORE

Do I Have Epidermal or Dermal Hyperpigmentation from Vi Peel?

I received a Vi Peel a little more than 2 weeks ago, and small spots of what I think is PIH appeared on my upper lip and side of my cheekbone by my... READ MORE

Two Vitalize Peels, Different Results? (photo)

Before my first peel, I used tet/hydro/ret for about a month. After the peel my hyperpigmentation was much lighter. I was concerned about using the... READ MORE

Prevent Breaking out After VI Peel

I had an amazing VI peel experience the first time but not the second time. The second time I got cystic acne in many places. My skin is relatively... READ MORE

Will blotchy areas of hyperpigmentation that have developed after vi peel go away? (photo)

I just had my second vi peel on Thursday (the first I got great results from, but only after 2 weeks of hell) and I used the post peel regimen the Dr... READ MORE

I got a vi peel with booster and the same day when I got home my hyper pigmentation turn so dark. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a melesma so the esthetician said booster is better for targeting melasma. My my skin before the procedure is very light melasma. Now it just... READ MORE

How long I should wait after the skin peeling before using skin bleach?

I just got a VI peel plus today is my 5th day. How long do I wait before using the skin bleach to lighten up some of hyperpigmentation that is left by... READ MORE

2nd Day after VI Peel Hyper pigmentation

I had a vi peel yesterday at a doctors office to get rid of some acne scar hyper pigmentation. I did fine with the peel and it isn't peeling yet, but... READ MORE

Vi Peel or Vitalize Peel for reddish acne hyperpigmentation on Asian skin? (Phoot)

I have reddish hyperpigmentation spots on my cheeks from acne breakout. Looking to get rid of the discoloration and I went to two consultations with... READ MORE

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