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Dry, Sensitive Skin 3 Weeks After Vi Peel - Normal?

I had a Vi peel 3 weeks ago. I peeled nicely and my skin was really shiny, smooth, and moist 7 days post peel but now my skin has become dry all over... READ MORE

Is Vi Peel Okay for Medium Brown Skin with Acne Vulgaris/Rosacea?

49yr female. Acne all my life, with calm periods. Had Levulan with blue light 2005, acne subsided but after 5th treatment area around nose and... READ MORE

Is my VI Peel working? (Photo)

I am on day 4, early evening of my VI Peel. I have had no significant pieces of skin coming off of my face, no pain during or after. I feel like there... READ MORE

Day 6 of my VI peel , I peeled nicely and now I have cracked dry skin on my chin, will this get better? (photo)

I am worried , 6 days after my VI peel,used the kit accordingly, the skin on my chin, became dry cracked, draker and scaly. I have been moisturizing... READ MORE

Will the Vi Peel work for me? (photo)

I have neurofibromatosis and will be having electrodessication on my face. The procedure works wonders but Left with bad hyper pigmentation. I'm... READ MORE

Major redness/irritation/uneven skin tone post Vi peel 7 days ago. Will my skin improve? (photos)

I had Vi precision peel done 7 days ago, the skin has all fallen off with some areas peeling twice. However my skin is veryyyy red and pink, and the... READ MORE

Texture issues resolved with Vi Peel Precision? Will this work? (photos)

I have weird texture issue on my cheeks, I went to dermatologist she doesn't know what it is. It's smooth to the touch and is not sun damage. I... READ MORE

Permanent Damage from Vi Peel?

I had the Vi peel 6 months ago. My skin peeled for a week and looked great 7 days post peel, when all the skin had flaked off. About 2 weeks after... READ MORE

VI Peel - Swelling and Itching of Upper Eyelid

I had my first VI peel done 1.5 months ago.They put acetone and peel on my face but not my eyelids.Following the instructions in the post peel... READ MORE

Safety of Vi Peel with Darker Skin (Type IV/V)?

I am a 37 year-old South Asian woman and am considering a Vi Peel to treat my mild melasma/hyperpigementation and for overall skin rejuvenation. Is Vi... READ MORE

Is it normal to have swollen eyelids 4 days post VI Peel? (photo)

I had the VI peel on Wednesday late afternoon. Today is Sunday and my face looks tight and my eyes are swollen. Is this normal? What can I do to... READ MORE

Please tell me how to fix the discoloration, brown spots, on my face after a Vi Peel which was done two weeks ago? Is it permane

I am an african american female and had a vi-peel done two weeks ago. I have more dark spots now than before. My chin and the laugh line around my... READ MORE

vi peel red blotchy patches and uneven skin tone, day 6. (photo)

Hello I am day 6 Vi peel. Whilst the texture has improved, I have significant darkening of my chin area and blotchy red patches on my cheeks; the tone... READ MORE

I am an over 40 African-American female who is in need of a VI Peel (Photo)

VI Peel- I am a over 40 African-American female who had a VI Peel by an esthetician that really didn't show any improvements. She worked in a... READ MORE

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