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Redness After Vi Peel

I got a Vi Peel 3 days ago and my skin starts to peel off, and the skin turned to brown too. It also was really easy for me to take the dead skin off,... READ MORE

No Peeling after a Vi- Peel, Is that normal? (photo)

I had a Vi-Peel last Wednesday. It is been 7 days, No peeling/light Peeling so far. My skin feel tight, rough and itch. My skin looks like 10 years... READ MORE

No peeling, but dry and flaky around cheeks and forehead on day 5 of VI Peel, is this normal?

I received the VI Peel 5 days ago and my cheeks and forehead are both extremely dry and flaky but are not peeling. I only notice my skin making... READ MORE

Vi peel for pores and acne scarring? Would this procedure help with what I'm looking to improve?

I was considering getting a vi peel to reduce the appearance of my pores on my face and to remove acne scarring. Would this procedure help with what... READ MORE

Are these burn marks from the VI Peel normal? Will they go away soon? (Photo)

Immediately after vi peel I had these burn red marks all over my face. Are these going to leave scars? READ MORE

My doctor put sunscreen on my face after placing the Vi peel solution. Will my vi peel still work?

She stated to leave on until morning if tolerated and then wash my face and start using the towelettes. Will my vi peel still work? I did not wash my... READ MORE

My face is oily on day three after my Vi-Peel. Is that normal?

I had a Vi-Peel done three days ago. My skin was extremely oily on day two and now on day three is oily, but not as oily as day two. It's starting to... READ MORE

Do all facial treatments - Vi derm, fraxel, peels, etc. require sunscreen at ALL times forever?

I have read articles on the dangers of sunscreen. Is there good research on using it vs just avoiding the sun? Can wearing a large brimmed hat or... READ MORE

I breastfeed my 2 month old baby and am scheduled next week for a VI peel on my face and neck, is it safe?

Vi peels are a TCA blend applied topically. Would it be safe if I feed her stored breast milk for 72 hours, and pump and dump during that time? READ MORE

Day 5 after a Vi Peel - face is extremely red.

I am on day 5 post a VI Precision Peel and I literally only walked out to the mailbox and back inside and my face became extremely red. I had on the... READ MORE

Am on Day 5 of the Peel and Have Had Only Just Flaking and Just Around the Mouth Area and Nothing More,

I am on Day 5 after the Vi Peel and have had only flaking and just around the mouth area and nothing more. The esthetician who applied the Vi Peel... READ MORE

Why is my neck peeling after a Vi Peel on my face? (Photos)

I had a VI peel on my face, my face is absolutely fine and has completed its peeling process however my neck has gone sore, red and has dark patches... READ MORE

How many days does it take for the whole face to peel?

I got Vi Peel done on Saturday, today is the 5th day. I do not see any peeling on cheeks, side, forehead or nose. It is peeling only around chin... READ MORE

I think I've had an allergic reaction to the Vi peel? (Photo)

I had my VI peel last week on my face only, I have gone through the peeling process now and my face looks great still some dry and light patches but... READ MORE

Will Vi Peel help with diffusing redness? (photo)

My face is always red, have already taken three laser genesis treatments. the doctor reconmmand me to do vi peel. wondering will vi peel help with my... READ MORE

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