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Will a Vi Peel Get Rid of Melasma?

Is a VI Peel guaranteed to get rid of melasma? READ MORE

Applying Acetone 100% Necessary Before Vi Peel?

I'll be applying the Vi Peel after I come out of the shower, so my skin will already be thoroughly cleansed. Will Acetone still be necessary? Thanks. READ MORE

Is the Vi Peel Safe to Use at Home? Effective?

Is the Vi peel a type of enzyme peel? I heard of this peel(Vi peel) that people can use at home because its so gentle. I was told that that this peel... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Vi Peel and Vitalize Peel?

I am Hispanic and developed melasma on my cheeks. My skin is very sensitive and I easily breakout. I'm looking into the vi peel and or vitalize... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Exercise Right After the Vi Peel

My face sweats a lot when i exercise, will this accelerate the peeling process, how long do i have to wait before i can start my exercise routine READ MORE

Should I Get the Vi Peel Before or After my Vacation?

I will be going to Mexico for vacation in 3 1/2 weeks and want to know whether it's better to get my peel before my vacation or after I return. I... READ MORE

Vi Peel - Safety, Risks, Scarring and Downtime

Is it safe? Any chance of scarring at all? What is the true down time? I have kiloid scars from scabs I picked when I was 12 years old. Haven't... READ MORE

Vi Peel Good for Sensitive Olive Skin?

I am hispanic (Olive skin), with nevus of ota on 1/4 of my face. I am hyper sensative to pigmentation (bruise easily). I want to know if Vi Peel... READ MORE

What is the difference between Melanage and VI Peels, and which is better for stubborn melasma?

Is a VI Peel or a Melanage Peel best for large splotches of hyperpigmentation/melasma on a man. Gone to several dermatologists and cremes,... READ MORE

Should I Do my Botox and Radiesse Treatments Before or After a Vi Peel?

I am planning to do a vi peel. Should I wait to do fillers after the peel or is it better to do those before? Any suggested wait time in between... READ MORE

I Am 50yrs Old and Am Considering VI Peel for the Décolletage and Hands. Is This a Good Choice for These Areas?

I show considerable aging in these areas. Is VI Peel a one-time treatment for hands and chest? Are there other treatments that would possibly be... READ MORE

Is Vi Peel Okay for Medium Brown Skin with Acne Vulgaris/Rosacea?

49yr female. Acne all my life, with calm periods. Had Levulan with blue light 2005, acne subsided but after 5th treatment area around nose and... READ MORE

At Home Vi Peel - Safe?

Is It Safe to Us VIpeel at Home Because I Suffer from Pigmentation ? im not sure if we have licensed centers that provide this treatment in my country . READ MORE

Is Vi-peel Effective in Minimizing Crepeing Around and Below the Eyes?

And if so, can the vi-peel, or anothe peel be used specifically for the eyes? READ MORE

Would a Vi or Glycolic Peel Restore my Collagen?

I'm 58 W/ Thin Irish Skin That Flushes Red in a Warm Shower. I wear hats & 30 SPF block faithfully & live in sunny So-Cal. 5 yrs ago... READ MORE

Will a VI Peel Lighten my Facial Scar?

33 year old male with a facial scar under my eye from a fight. i have used a 8% hydroquinone cream on it for 6 months and it has worked well lighting... READ MORE

Is the "Vi Peel" Chemical Peel Good at Removing Precancerous Cells?

I've read that chemical peels like TCA can remove precancerous cells, but cause some pain and peeling. The "Vi Peel" promotes itself as being mostly... READ MORE

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