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VI Peels Not Peeling?

I have had 4 VI peels since last Sept 2011. My last VI peels was on Sept 10, 2012. I had 4 layers of the peel and around the eyes. My skin peels very... READ MORE

Day 6 of VI Peel - Skin not peeling in sheets?

Im on my 6th day of the VI Peel. My skin has peeled around the nose, chin, lower cheeks and jawline, but the upper cheeks, forehead and hairline are... READ MORE

No Peeling after a Vi- Peel, Is that normal? (photo)

I had a Vi-Peel last Wednesday. It is been 7 days, No peeling/light Peeling so far. My skin feel tight, rough and itch. My skin looks like 10 years... READ MORE

I Did VI Peel but Without Any Improvement?

Hello, I did VI peel and now I'm in Day 7 and still red spots exit. I didn't notice any improvment Please I need your advice? do I have to do it again... READ MORE

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Will this ever go away? (Photo)

Post 7 days VI peel I have coarse skin and hyperpigmentation on my neck. I think it's PIH, would this ever go away. What should I use to make it go... READ MORE

5 Days Post Vi Peel Eyes Droopy and Iritated Bad. is This Ok?

5 Days Post Vi Peel Eyes Droopy and Iritated Bad. is This Ok? READ MORE

No peeling, but dry and flaky around cheeks and forehead on day 5 of VI Peel, is this normal?

I received the VI Peel 5 days ago and my cheeks and forehead are both extremely dry and flaky but are not peeling. I only notice my skin making... READ MORE

Severe dry wrinkled skin under eyes and wrinkled baggy neck skin 6 days po vi peel. Neck has lost elasticity. Permanent? (Photo)

I had VI peel done on my face and neck 6 days ago. the skin under my eyes are severely wrinkled and my neck are severely wrinkled and baggy. the neck... READ MORE

I had the VI peel Wednesday night. The sides of my mouth are so tight I can barely open to eat. Is this normal?

I had the VI peel on Wednesday evening. By Friday morning, my mouth and chin began peeling. By that evening, parts of my nose and all of my mouth and... READ MORE

Is cracked, chapped, and burning skin after 6 days normal? (photo)

I had my 2nd Vi peel 6 days ago and I'm still peeling on my eye lids, chin, and neck. I don't remember peeling this much last time and I definitely... READ MORE

Day 6 of Vi peel, very flaky and dry. Is this normal? My mouth area is really red and dry. Feeling nervous

I was told it is ok to wear makeup (light foundation such as bare minerals). Getting a bit anxious. READ MORE

Two Vitalize Peels, Different Results? (photo)

Before my first peel, I used tet/hydro/ret for about a month. After the peel my hyperpigmentation was much lighter. I was concerned about using the... READ MORE

Why is my Skin Chapped and Breaking out After Vi Peel?

It is know day 5 almost day 6 after my vi peel. I'm 18 years old and did this peel to get rid of acne but it only made the healing ones redder and... READ MORE

Too much sun exposure after Vi Peel on Day 5? Is this normal or what can I do to undue any potential damage? (Photo)

I had a Vi Peel done 6 days ago. I am concerned because I was out yesterday (day 5 after the peel) in the sun for an hour with SPF 30 on my face. I... READ MORE

Really Red and Scaly on Day 6

I had the VI Peel 6 days ago. I am really red and discolored where it was applied as well as my chin being red / purple and scaly. Will this go away??... READ MORE

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