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Venus Viva is a non-surgical device that uses non-fractional radio frequency to treat wrinkles, acne scars, large pores, uneven texture, stretch marks, and pigment irregularity. A hand-held device sends energy below the surface of the skin, which heats the cells and stimulates the body’s natural collagen production. Three to four treatments are usually needed to achieve desired results.

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Venus Viva for Trauma Scars - Santa Rosa, CA

First time trying venus voiva for my facial scars, as soon as I got out my face was very red and swollen. There were also small puncture marks all over my face in which the nurse said would go away within a week. Second day my face was still very red but not as swollen which was expected. Third... READ MORE

Venus Viva on face and neck

The procedure was not bad at all - did not feel most of it. There were a few spots on my face that stung, but not that bad. I did both face and neck areas. There was redness for a few days, but that's it. It seems to have made a difference. Sorry the pictures are so small, I forgot to... READ MORE

Venus Viva Review

When i went to get a consultation about Fraxel treatment my doctor recommended the Venus Viva laser as an alternative saying the results are similar but was sort of unsure about it. She said the down time was less and the results were similar. I took her word and paid. After receiving the Venus... READ MORE

Venus Viva or Venus Hell

See my attached photos to see what happened to me after having a Venus Viva treatment at Dr. David Marcus' office in Santa Rosa, CA. This is supposed to be a no-down-time or barely any down time. I was told I would need only a day or so to recuperate and if needed could use cosmetics to... READ MORE

Venus Viva

I had this procedure done yesterday and at first it wasn't too bad. I wasn't numbed, but it was ok. The procedure didn't hurt. I left the clinic with some tingling and redness. It now been over 24 hours and my skin is irritated, red, and welts everywhere. It's super itchy and painful. I took... READ MORE

My First Treatment for Post Accutane - Dallas, TX

My amazing Doctor who treated my horrid Acne recommended this to treat my slight hypo-pig & for hemosiderinstains post under Rest.S injections that I was very upset about. See other review on both accutane & my restylane. The procedure lasted about 45 mins, a cooling gel is used as a... READ MORE

Skintastic Plano

I've been going to the Skintastic Plano location for 4 months now and absolutely love it! From the receptionist to my esthetician Jenny, everyone has been so polite and welcoming. Jenny is extremely knowledgeable and I feel so safe with her decisions on what's best for my sensitive skin! I... READ MORE

I Had Venus Visa Done by Nurse at Revive Wellness Crntet - Torrance, CA

I had Venus Viva done by a nurse at Revive Wellness center in Torrance,CA . I regret I had the procedure done ! My face is very red , painful and swelling. I wast yold by the nurse I can go back to work in 1 day. But I had to call in sick and lost wages due to this procedure. Buyer beware!! I... READ MORE

Step Closer to Getting Rid of my Acne Scar. Beverly Hills, CA

In high school my face looked like a pizza full of acne, after high school the acne was gone but the acne scars were very visible. They looked like small craters, and always bothered me. Thanks to Dr. Yovino that is no longer a problem. I had my first session of the Venus Viva 7 days ago and I... READ MORE

21 Years Old, Venus Viva for Depressed Boxcar and Icepick Acne Scars - Singapore

Some cringe-worthy 'before' photos of my face. Because flaws are only obvious when pointed out. The depressed scars are mainly localized on my cheeks, at least those are the ones that I'm self-conscious of. I'd spent money letting beauticians squeeze out the zits, leaving these bad scars. If... READ MORE

Finally my Face Getting Smoother - Thailand, TH

I have been having acne problem for more than 10years and the post acne scars (rough surface) have been bothering me for all these years. I have done a lot of laser treatments like, fractional co2, dermaroller , fine scan , put on some chemical acid , etc. This time I had heard about this laser... READ MORE

Venus Viva on face and neck

The procedure was not bad at all - did not feel most of it. There were a few spots on my face that stung, but not that bad. I did both face and neck areas. There was redness for a few days, but that's it. It seems to have made a difference. Sorry the pictures are so small, I forgot to... READ MORE

Not sold on this

I've had 2 of my 3 scheduled VV treatments. The first was pretty mild, fairly painless. ( I was numbed ahead) my recovery was all of 24 hours where the first night I had what felt like a terrible sunburn by the next day that had subsided and my skin got a little rough but that was that. I didn't... READ MORE

40 Midlife-Time to Take Better Care of my Skin! - Salt Lake City, UT

Just turned 40 and decided it's time for some major self care! Headed to Dr. Thompson and his staff to address sunspots, wrinkles, and skin surface and I'm so happy I did! With some consultation, botox and light laser with the Venus Viva, I'm thrilled with my skin looking a bit more youthful,... READ MORE

40 Years Old - Las Vegas, NV

Deanna is the most fabulous esthetician! The Viva is wonderful and I see improvement. I've been looking for something to help my skin look more youthful as I turned 40 and this treatment is helping. The monthly membership is great and Deanna is always professional and on time. She takes care of... READ MORE

Love Dermabella!! - Las Vegas, NV

Venus Viva is awesome!!! It's the best bang for your buck and Deanna administers is beautifully!! She is the best!!! Also, the injectables by Dr Dempsey are amazing and she is an artist with them!!! The monthly specials are always great and the monthly memberships are the best!!! I can always... READ MORE

amazing! - Tel Aviv, IL

3 treatments totally removed my dark spots and acne scars! unbelievable. it was not painful and we didn't have to use any anaesthesia. i was a bit radish when we done but in the evening it looked better already and no crust skin whatsoever. i did e matrix in the past and i had crust skin for... READ MORE

Venus Viva FX Treatment - Caringbah, AU

Hi all, my Venus Viva treatment went really well, I had 1 day of down time at home and went back to work with heavy make up on day 2. I had swelling on day 2 and 3 but then it was fine, my skin was red like bad sunburn and then went dry and rough like fine sandpaper, around day 5-7 the skin shed... READ MORE

Fracel Instead - Nashville, TN

Do not do the Venus viva- causes hyper pigmentation had much better results with fraxel- went to dr golds office who did study with viva and wish I never had - I saw no results in skin texture but now 6 months later I still have hyper pigmentation that I never had before - skin was very red for... READ MORE

Dr. Marcus is Fantastic - Santa Rosa, CA

I cannot express how wonderful my experience with Dr. Marcus has been. He is caring and truly listens when I have questions and concerns. He has met and exceeded my expectations at every turn. His before and after pictures are amazing and when I am ready to proceed with my surgery I will... READ MORE

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