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Venus Freeze for Skin Tightening of Neck and Around the Mouth: Concerned About Loosing Fat Below Cheeks and the Thyroid Gland?

Venus Freeze was recommended for neck and lower face to tightened the skin. I've looked into it more and, since it is used to reduce fat elsewhere, I... READ MORE

I Have Fillers in my Naso Folds and Lip Lines and Cheekbones. Will The Venus Freeze Affect The Fillers?

I Have Fillers in my Naso Folds and Lip Lines and Cheekbones.  I Would Like to Do Venus Freeze for skin tightening. However, I am concerned that... READ MORE

Venus legacy vs Venus freeze for stomach?

Venus freeze is avaliable for less than half the price of venus legacy in my area, will it do the same thing? What is the difference? I want to... READ MORE

What do you think of Venus Freeze skin tightening?

Does this procedure work for skin tightening and collagen replenishment? READ MORE

Venus freeze vs ThermiSmooth?

Which is more affective for tightening under the eye on African American. Would it be the Venus Freeze or ThermiSmooth and is there any downtime or... READ MORE

Could Venus Freeze be used to enlarge the buttocks?

I have no cellelite or other thngs and my target is t to tighten the skin i want the muscles to enlarge and by this having increase Buttocks size, is... READ MORE

How many weeks following liposuction is it safe to do Venus Freeze?

About 3 weeks ago I underwent liposuction of my abdomen. I seem to be healing well. My doctor recommended venus freeze following my procedure in order... READ MORE

Venus Freeze treatment for the face?

Is the Venus Freeze treatment for the face is having good efficency for skin tighning and tonicity? Does everybody who do it more then 6 treatments... READ MORE

Is Venus freeze for skin tightening worth it?

If I do the few treatments of Venus freeze for face lifting and stop the treatment... do you think my skin will sag and age before time due to this... READ MORE

Protruding/bulging vein on side of nose after receiving rf skin tightening. Any suggestions? (photos)

Under my eyes are sunken and the wrinkles worse. I had 2 venus freeze treatments under my eyes for skin tightening and 1 on my full face. I am... READ MORE

I am considering Venus Freeze. Is it worth it? Will it actually work?

Just wondering if Venus Freeze actually works to tighten the jowls, neck and marionette lines? Before I spend $$$. Id like to know if it is worth it.... READ MORE

Endymed or Venus freeze for face lifting and tightening?

I have two options for the treatment of skin lifting sagging ... which one is better... I am 50... are there any disadvantages READ MORE

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