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Is Venus Freeze As Effective As Facial Fillers for Volume in Nasal Folds, Eye Area Etc?

I am 44 and have had some injectable fillers. I am booked for 6 face and neck sessions and was wondering if the Venus Freeze is effective at creating... READ MORE

Venus Freeze on My Face and Now Cheeks Look Flat?

I used Venus freeze on my face Now my cheeks looks flat Does Venus freeze destroyes fat cells forever? Will I get my usual chubby cheeks after certain... READ MORE

Had 9 Sessions of Venus Freeze on my Face Before I Knew I Was Pregnant?

These must have been on the first month. How risky is this for my baby? READ MORE

When using Venus Freeze, should you stop at 42 degrees, and is there a different procedure for the face?

So I know the venus freeze is for tightening, cellulite and a bit of general slimming, but I heard that after the skin heats up to 42 degrees... READ MORE

Venus Freeze to Attain a More Gaunt Face?

I've been looking into the venus freeze for quite sometime and I understand how it works. I wanted an opinion: is this a good way to go about it? The... READ MORE

Does Venus Freeze help get rid of fatty cells?

If Venus Freeze helps get rid of fatty cells, does it also diminish the fat cells on face? If yes, it may result in more wrinkles if sessions are not... READ MORE

How long is each session of Venus Freeze on the face?

I have had several Venus Freeze treatments on my face (wrinkles and sagging) without musch success. Each session lasts less that 15 minutes. Is that... READ MORE

I'm considering venus freeze for the face. Is it safe? Can it cause volume loss ? Does it effect dermal fillers? (photo)

Im 37 im startinf to have a mild elasticity issues especially around the mouth and jawline nothing major id like to see if this treatment is safe and... READ MORE

Is Venus Freeze contraindicated with facial implants?

Can Venus freeze be used near salisilic implants (ex chin implant) or is it contraindicated? The implant is approximately 5 years old. READ MORE

Is it enough six venus freeze treatments for face?

Or will it be better to have more than six for face? And does it depend on age of patient, for example 6 treatments if you're 30 years old and 8... READ MORE

Lost fat on the face where I did not want to lose after 2 Venus Freeze treatments. (Photo)

So far, I have had 2 venus treatments on the face. I noticed that both temples and lower cheeks got flattened, so for the next treatment, I'm planning... READ MORE

Can I do Venus Freeze treatment for my neck and my face 3 months post rev. rhinoplasy? Will it cause/increase swelling?

Im 3 months post rev rhino. I actually did a revision aftr 3 months post my primary rhinoplasty bcoz I couldn't bare depression of my nose being... READ MORE

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