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Is Venus Freeze Better Than Ulthera or Thermage?

I'm considering venus freeze for droopy skin in the face due to heavy exercising. I'm considering ulthera, venus freeze vs thermage. which one is... READ MORE

Vaser Shape Vs. Venus Freeze on Upper Arms?

Have cellulite & few inches of loose skin (batwings) on upper arms. Both procedures cost about the same for treatment pkg. Which procedure would... READ MORE

Venus Freeze or Ultherapy for neck. Which would be most effective?

I have creepy skin on my neck that I would like to tighten. I am 52 and have the beginnings of a saggy neck. Which treatment would be more effective,... READ MORE

Would Venus Freeze help my downturned lips? (Photo)

Which non invasive skin tightening treatments would best address my downturned lips and overall skin laxity? Ulthera is an option, but my last, as it... READ MORE

What is the pros and cons of Venus Freeze, Coolsculpting, Zerona?

What are the pros and cons of each of these procedures. I have irregularities on my stomach and flanks from liposuction. READ MORE

What has happened to the Venus Freeze treatment? Is it still a treatment?

I had Venus freeze treatments, but have not seen them mentioned in the forums discussing skin tightening. Is it still a treatment? Should I consider... READ MORE

Venus freeze vs ThermiSmooth?

Which is more affective for tightening under the eye on African American. Would it be the Venus Freeze or ThermiSmooth and is there any downtime or... READ MORE

Venus Freeze versus Zerona and Cool sculpting?

I have some irregularities around my midriff and stomach from a liposuction. What are the differences, pros and cons of these different procedures?... READ MORE

Wondering about "Hot Sculpting" I am wondering if this is the same as SculpSure or like Venus Freeze.They say this about it:

Hot Sculpting™ technology penetrates skin layers selectively heating the skin tissue and the extra-cellular matrix where the collagen fibres are i... READ MORE

Which non-invasive treatment is better for love handles?

Hello, which treatment works best for a female with love handles I workout and I am slim but these love handles won't go away. which is best - Venus... READ MORE

Verju vs Venus Freeze for loose, wavy thigh skin?

Which would work better on lose wavy thigh skin READ MORE

What is the difference between Venus Freeze & Exilis? Do either of them actually "destroy" adipocytes?

Is liposuction the only way to reduce the number of adipocytes in a certain area? What are my options if my goal is to reduce the number of adipocytes... READ MORE

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