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Venus Freeze is an FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment for cellulite and loose skin on the face, neck and body. It uses radio frequency and magnetic pulses to stimulate the generation of new collagen and elastin fibers over a period of time (recommended 6 sessions for the face/neck and 8-10 for the body).

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After realizing that a chin surgery I got done gave my horrible results, I searched for a solution to improve the appearance of my chin. Sonobello in San Antonio, TX offered me sessions called Venus Frezze ensuring me that it will fix my problem. After the second session of Venus Frezze, I... READ MORE

I was told that I was a good candidate for Venus freeze to tighten the skin on my lower stomach. I exercise and have good muscle tone but gravity, age, and pregnancies have resulted in a less than flattering stomach. Anyway, I did 6 treatments and had two more as a bonus when I complained... READ MORE

The first two treatments are finished, and I do not see any difference yet, they say around treatment 5 I should see a change. Here are the before pictures. My main reason for me getting this is to break up scar tissue from very bad liposuction many years ago and to even out the lumps and bumps... READ MORE

I'm writing this review about a year since having this treatment done at the Canadian Beauty College in Mississauga, ON, Canada. I am 5'8" and in these pics, I was between 150-160 lbs. I looked great in clothes, fit into size 8-10 pants and was an average size woman. I had done a lot of... READ MORE

I started a Venus Freeze package to tighten my tush. I'm an active 42 year old but time has loosened things up. I'm hoping for a little smoothing action and disappearance of some cellulite. My pictures below are following the second treatment which is why my behind looks red. I really hope this... READ MORE

Can't say I see results as I only had one treatment. The location tried to upsell me a package for 'Tri-Action' in combination of the venus freeze pack of 6 I have. Did the combo yesterday and it was really discomforting. After looking at my stomach a day after, going to say, "Nope!" I have 5... READ MORE

I purchased a lifebooker loot for velashape but I got lucky when I was there and got upgraded to Venus Freeze. This pictures go from the first session to the last. I had 6 sessions. Nothing! I am a fitness instructor, barre to be specific which is all about lifting the booty! I am not over... READ MORE

I have loose skin on top of my bellybutton from pregnancy that I wanted to get rid of so I'll look better in two-piece swimsuit. Found this place who had a great deal for venus freeze. 6 treatments for $400. 6 treatments past, i see NO result. The staff is really nice and clinic is very clean.... READ MORE

I originally planned to have lipo on my abdomen, flanks, and neck. The doctor recommended against lipo on my neck because I do not have enough fat. I was so disappointed, and after a few weeks, I called the doctor's office to ask if the doctor would do lipo even though I would not see much... READ MORE

I got my first Venus Freeze Treatment on my love handles. The procedure took 15 mins on each side, which was pretty intense because of heat. The new Venus Freeze machine combines heat and suction. The suction wasn't bad however the heat is serious. She told me it would get hot but I seriously... READ MORE

How I heard of it... So my girlfriend are at the gym and she's telling me about some new treatment that she's doing on her inner thighs (since she swears they're big just cause they "touch"). Anyway, at that time she had only gone in for 2 treatments. After telling me how much she had paid... READ MORE

I haven't had anything done on my tights and buttocks so far and the site is not quite pleasant ...;) Two days ago I had my first treatment with Venus Legacy. Can't say anything about the effects yet, but overall the treatment is nicely warming and very pleasant! They told me the effect... READ MORE

I have started my Venus Freeze Treatments and the use of Trilastin Cream for my stretch marks. I am 24 years old with 18 month old twin girls. I will post new pictures as the treatments go on. Today 3/3/2014 I have done two treatments. The first treatment was very hot I was told I needed to... READ MORE

Got my first treatment today on my stomach. I workout frequently but I always focus on my legs and glutes. I am at my goal weight but i have a little extra tummy going on that Ive been wanting to reduce and tighten. The treatment was so relaxing and enjoyable that I fell asleep! I scheduled my... READ MORE

I purchased 10 Venus Freeze treatments for my upper arms. I started on 3/25 & went weekly. I have zero results. It was a complete waste of money. Most treatments were provided by two technicians. Dr. Angelina personally provided one of the treatments. After my first treatment, the doctor said... READ MORE

I been Looking for a treatment that can firm up my sagging neck and face, I thought about Fraxel and the OH so painful Ultra therapy.. But I decided to try Venus Freeze after Reading here on real seal the review .. I done 3 treat of of six and I already see the results ,, I am also doing those... READ MORE

I had this procedure done to my jowls and under my chin. I really had no expectations of this working but Groupon had a deal for $99 for one area. Well it turns out the doctor considers each nostril a separate area and I was up-sold when I got to the office, but that's a whole different story. I... READ MORE

I paid $800 for 8 treatments for the chin and jowl area. I received a "free consult" which was basically a free treatment. The free treatment was only on my chin/jowl area. We decided we'd skip the lower neck and treat in the eye area as well for my next 8 sessions. You're not really... READ MORE

Hello, I am a 41 year old mom who works out several times a week and am extremely careful what I eat every day. I am 5'6" and 135 pounds, my jeans size is a 4 (or a 27 for designer clothing). I am writing a review for you because I feel that reviews are very helpful in making the decision to... READ MORE

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