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Does Velashape Work?

Almost everyone on this site who has had VelaShape or VelaSmooth says it wasn't worth it because it didn't work to reduce cellulite.  But... READ MORE

What Are VelaShape Side Effects?

Are there any risks from getting the velashape cellulite treatment? READ MORE

VelaShape Results

How long do VelaShape results last? READ MORE

Vela shape for cellulite

For someone thinking about Vela Shape for cellulite on the does it work? READ MORE

Should I Get Velashape After Liposuction to Make Skin Tighter?

My doctor recommended Velashape after liposuction to tighten the skin. I had vaser lipo and smart lipo, and I also lost a lot of weight after the... READ MORE

What is VelaShape?

How does Velashape work?  Is it something to do with cellulite? READ MORE

VelaShape for Droopy Buttocks and Reducing Thigh Fat?

I have a small and droopy buttocks, and my front and inner upper thighs have a lot of fat. The fat has been there since adolescene. I'm now 52. There... READ MORE

Should I Try Velashape or Zerona Before Committing to Lipo Laser?

One cosmetic surgeon said I wasn't a candidate for a Tummy Tuck and offered Lipo Laser. Another said forget Lipo Laser, you will regret it especially... READ MORE

After 4 Visits of Velashape Body Contouring, my Tummy Would Not Heat Up to the Target Number on the 5th. Stomach is Still There

I said if the fat is all gone, why does it look like I am 5 months pregnant? He did my love handles just to make sure it wasnt the machine, nope, the... READ MORE

What Body Areas Does Velashape Treat?

What parts of the body can be treated with Velashape? Is there anywhere that it doesn't work or isn't recommended? READ MORE

Velashape Vs Smart Lipo for Hips and Buttocks

Hi! I am 5'1" and weigh 126 lbs. My problem area are my hips and buttocks-just a bit disproportional. During my consult, I was told that Velashape... READ MORE

Thermage Plus 6 Velashape Treatments to Get Rid of Pouch?

I am 37 yrs old and wear a size 0 pants or petite 2 pants. I weigh 109 lbs and I am 5'1" tall, I have two children. My stomach blows up like I am... READ MORE

Velashape Vs. Ultrasonic Cavitation for Saddlebags?

I am in shape but have fat pockets on the side of my hips. I workout and don't really have any cellulite, but I have never been able to lose the fat... READ MORE

Velashape Cellulite Treatment

How effective is Velashape in removing cellulite? What do you think of Velashape? I am seeing lots of negative results. Does it do what it says or is... READ MORE

Will Velashape Help my Upper Arm Fat and Tighten That Area?

Will velashape help upper arm fat and some looseness? READ MORE

Difference Between VelaShape and ReFirme?

I have a friend who is interested in having VelaSmooth done on her neck to achieve tightening. Will the results of VelaSmooth on this area be... READ MORE

Will Velashape Combined with Microdermabrasion Help with Stretch Marks?

I was told that by having Velashape and Microderm treatments will improve stretch marks? I am one month out of having tummy tuck surgery, and I am... READ MORE

Can Vela Shape Help Butt Injection Lumps

I had butt injections like 4 years ago . last year i had them touched up and now i have lumps . I heard velashape helps and and i am also considering... READ MORE

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