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I Had Veinwave Treatment 3 Months Ago for Thread Veins. Why Has It Made the Viens Worse?

My partner and i both agree the veins are now more promenant and i have more restriction on the skirts and dresses i can wear. Why has it done this... READ MORE

Laser to Remove Small Spider Veins in Legs?

Small spider veins in legs. Had injections. Had a yag laser treatment. My skin/veins are worse now! What can I do? READ MORE

Laser done 10 months ago to hide spider veins on my legs. My legs look worse than before! Will this ever go away? Fade? (photo)

Had it done by Clear Skin ( Laser by Lisa) in White Bear Lake, MN. She used a med lite c 6 laser. Obviously, the setting was too high and now my legs... READ MORE

Vein treatment. It looks worse now, after 5 months. What should I do?

I started treatment on my vein Feb.17 2015. It looks worse now (5 month after) i have tried creams but nothing helps. The discoloration/stains/marks... READ MORE

What can I do about spider veins on my face? (photo)

I'm an 18-year-old, almost 19-year-old, female. I noticed recently that I have spider veins on my face. I already have them on my shoulders and legs... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for my leg veins? (photos)

Hi, I am having issues with two veins on my legs and I am unsure of what to do, where to go to get them fixed or if there even is a treatment for them... READ MORE

Will small spider veins worsen if left untreated? (Photo)

I'm 24 y/o, fair skin, and pretty sure the veins appeared after sun exposure (got a couple of sunburns) lately. The veins are still small (the worse... READ MORE

Will the red veins in my eye ever go away? It's been 2 months since I had a subconjunctival hemorrhage in this eye.

Blood red veins still in the white of my right eye. Much of the blood from the subconjunctival hemorrhage is gone but red veins are there and this... READ MORE

I'm having vein treatment, but it looks worse than it did at the start. What should I do?

I started vein treatment 2/17/15 did about 7 since then but it's only getting worse what should I do? Dr says it takes time... It's almost a year! READ MORE

Under eye veins? What is this veins purpose? (photos)

My under eye veins keep getting worse, why do I even have these veins? Do they play a major role in anything to where my body will function just fine... READ MORE

laser treatment for spider veins? (photo)

Had laser treatment 6 weeks ago. White spots and Spider veins are still there and now my legs look worse. How can this be fixed? READ MORE

How do I get rid of spider veined on my boobs? (photo)

It has been and a half since my surgery (breast lollipop lift and implants) and I have began noticing a growth in spider veins growing all over my... READ MORE

Read that since birth control pills mimic pregnancy, it can make spider veins worse by weakening vein walls. Is it true? (photo)

Spider and varicose veins run in my family, so I know I'm already at risk for them. I've had spider veins on my thighs since age 13, (am now 23) but... READ MORE

Endovenous vein treatment done 1 year ago and now have constantly swollen legs, thigh to ankle.

I never had this problem prior to the treatment. No pain. I had my f/u ultrasound appt 2 weeks ago and nothing was found except a few veins that have... READ MORE

I am concerned about my legs: ugly veins. (photos)

Im 5'6"..174 lbs. Do not smoke or drink Working ling hoyrd on feet right now... 7 days a week... Gradually getting worse... I have these ugly veins... READ MORE

What is the deal with rapidly spreading reticular veins? (Photos)

I'm 23. For years I've had a vein on the back of my knee and another little squiggly one on the front. A few months ago, veins popped up on both legs,... READ MORE

I'm 21 years old and I've had this protruding vein on my left leg since I was 12 years old. Is it varicose veins? (photos)

Now these veins have started showing everywhere. If it is varicose veins, how do I cure it? Do I need surgery? Will it get worse with age? I have a... READ MORE

Diode made spider veins worse. I'm afraid of scarring. (Photo)

I had a few red spider veins on my nose and cheeks and my dermatologist recommended I try the Diode laser to remove them. Below are my before and... READ MORE

Are all visible capillaries 'broken'?

Are all visible capillaries truly broken? I've noticed i have numerous visible ones on areas where my skin is very pale such as my arms and around my... READ MORE

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