Temples + Vein Treatment

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Options for Treating Large Blue Veins on Face and Temple?

I have large blue veins that begin on the right side of the temple region, and they drag down beneath my eye, giving me an extreme case of dark... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Unsightly Temple Artery (Yes, It Pulses)?

I have seen a vascular surgeon who told me it cannot be treated with scelotherapy because of the risk of necrosis.He did not offer alternatives but... READ MORE

Sudden bulging of left temple vein that doesn't go away - Is it treatable? (Photo)

About 8 weeks ago I noticed that my left temple vein was bulging out (picture attached). It has not gone down since. I have been to my doctor and bad... READ MORE

Bulging vascular temporal vein with pulse. What can I do to get rid of this major artery in temple? (Photo)

The photo that I attached just happens to be a good day. There are days it is so far out and looks so ugly I have to come my hair to the other side to... READ MORE

Why have I bulging veins all over my forehead? (Photos)

Ok, so I don't know if this is just me looking in the mirror too much or that it could be an underlying issue but in the past year I've noticed that I... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Blue Facial Veins?

What is the best way to treat blue veins in the temple area? READ MORE

Shouldn't Tying off Only the Superficial Branch of the Temporal Artery Be Successful?

Can the superficial branch of the temporal artery (not the temporal artery itself) be tied off with silk thread near the temple area to correct... READ MORE

Bulging Temple Veins Bilaterally? (photos)

I had flat but visible temporal veins bilaterally. A (board certified) plastic surgeon made this situation infinitely worse by tying off the veins at... READ MORE

I Have Two Visible Green Vein on Both Sides of my Eyebrow to my Temple. How to Remove Them?

About 6 months ago, suddenly there are two visible green veins on both sides of my face.On the left one is hidden under skin, from temple to eye, the... READ MORE

Is there any side effects to removing Blue Temple Veins at 30 years of age?

Hi is there any side effects to removing Blue Temple Veins at 30 years of age? I mean the blood flow after the veins have been removed? Will the... READ MORE

Age 52, Veins Protruding From Temples Above Eyebrows. What Are My Treatment Options?

I'm 52 and Pretty Active. I Have Had Botox and Filler in the Past in my Temples. I Also Work out Alot. In the Past 2 Years I have horrible looking... READ MORE

Blue Veins at Temples and Under One Eye, Why Do I Need Two Treatments?

I'm going to have blue veins around the eyes and temples removed with a ND Yag Laser. Why are two treatments necessary? READ MORE

Where can I get an artery ligation on my temporal artery done in New York? (Photo)

I have inflamed arteries on both my temples and I saw a doctor and I know it is not temporal arteritis. They are unsightly and I don't want to look at... READ MORE

Possible to Litigate a Temple Artery That Bulges Most of the Time/ and Big in Warm Weather?

Can anyone recomend a Doctor in ct to litigate a temple artery that bulges most of the time/ and big in warm weather? I can't seem to find anyone to... READ MORE

CoolTouch Varia Laser for Blue Temple Veins? Do the Veins Return?

CoolTouch Varia Laser for Blue Temple Veins? ..Do the Veins Return? ..And what are the Risks? READ MORE

How does Caffeine affect Sclerotherapy?

I had Sclerotherapy on the side of my forehead/Temple area last week. The care sheet that was sent home with me said no caffeine for a week. I was... READ MORE

ND YAG: 1064 to Remove Blue Temple Veins?

ND YAG: 1064 to remove blue temple veins? Is there any dangers to this procedure? Here is why I ask. I'm in Ireland and while I can find a good few... READ MORE

Removing Blue Temple Veins? Will the return blood flow rate be decreased?

Hi is there any side effects to removing Blue Temple Veins at 30 years of age? I mean the blood flow after the veins have been removed? Will the... READ MORE

Best course of action for veins on face and broken capillaries? (photos)

Hi! I have blueish/purple veins on my temples and under my eyes as well as small broken capillaries on my face, especially on the sides of my nose and... READ MORE

How can I improve visible veins on temples and under eyes?

I am 36 years old and have been using retinoid acne treatments for two years. The skin under my eyes and at my temples is now completely translucent,... READ MORE

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