Swollen + Vein Treatment

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What's the problem when a vein in palm get swollen? Since 6 Months i can feel it pulsing every now and then. (photos)

My fathers palm has a vein which get a little big and he can feel it pulsing. Today it suddenly got really swollen, as you see in the picture attached... READ MORE

Visible vein in neck behind ear. Should I be worried?

Hey I have this vein behind my ear on my neck towards the bottom of my ear I never reliZed I had it until recently. It doesn't hurt that often at all... READ MORE

Is this a lymph node or a vein? (Photo)

Im 28 years old and a week ago i found a little swollen place on my right leg thats pretty much around that vein on a pic and it goes also behind the... READ MORE

I have a protruding vein directly under my right eye that has become painful. What treatment would you recommend?

4 days ago I was taking my makeup off and directly under my right eye felt bruised almost. When I looked in the mirror closer I noticed that there is... READ MORE

I have varicose veins and my ankles swell up. What could this be? (Photo)

I have varacoise veins and my ankles swell up especially during hot summers and when flying. Have bouts of feeling very tired. READ MORE

After Treating my Blood Vessel by Dermatologist Which She Used Tiny Needle. Now the Spot is Red Swollen is It Normal?

I had a blood vessel I went to a dermatologist she used this tiny needle to removed but now the spot is red and swallon is it normal and after how... READ MORE

I had 4 DVTs. I was on 6 months of warfin. Now my leg is swollen at the top and swells at the bottom periodically

Now I have CVI. I actually started having the swelling a year ago and have had more than my share of sonograms. It wasn't until recently that I was... READ MORE

How do I remove these spider veins? How many treatments do I need? (Photo)

So I had a Bbl about two months ago and I started getting these spider veins all over my legs. My legs got really swollen after my leg lipo. And I... READ MORE

Endovenous vein treatment done 1 year ago and now have constantly swollen legs, thigh to ankle.

I never had this problem prior to the treatment. No pain. I had my f/u ultrasound appt 2 weeks ago and nothing was found except a few veins that have... READ MORE

What can I do with my discolored bulging vein in my forehead? (Photo)

In 2005, I had my nose done, I believe that while I was asleep, they injected me with something in my forehead, because, when I woke up my left side... READ MORE

I have a swollen vein under my eye. What would be the simple home remedy for this? (Photo)

What would be the simple home remedy for this? er are not rich to pay surgery.. please help... your reply is very much appreciated. thank you and God... READ MORE

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