Swelling + Vein Treatment

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Swelling and Redness After Vein Removal with Laser on Lower Eyelid

A few days ago i removed some veins from my lower eyelid with a laser. Im still a bit swollen and theres some redness. I was wondering if it would be... READ MORE

Yag Laser Treatment - Venous Malformation (Tongue, Lip, Cheek, Palate, Neck)? (photo)

I have a very large venous malformation that comprises a good portion of the right side of my face/neck/tongue. I am having a Yag treatment(s)... READ MORE

Is It Safe for Me to Get a Large Undereye Vein Surgically Removed? (photo)

I have a prominent vein under my right eye which is causing the entire eye area to swell up. The vein has always been visible because I have very... READ MORE

Recent Varicose Vain Surgery Will It Cause Other Vains to Swell?

I had vain surgery in Dec I had on spot on my calf for years that was causing me pain and swelling. When the Dr did the surgery he had to go higher... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy or Laser ablation for prominent hand veins? (photos)

I have enquired with a few surgeons regarding removing these veins and while some say laser ablation has a higher success rate than sclerotherapy,... READ MORE

Can anything be done with regard to a vein sclerosing agent mishap that has caused severe pain/swelling to my right foot?(Photo)

Over a year ago I was treated for several spider veins on my ankle. After the first two treatments with no success the doctor advised he was using an... READ MORE

Stiffness and pain in my legs when folding my knee. (Photos)

I have very visible normal (not varicose) red and purple veins ans swelling on my ankle (disappear after sleeping) running up the front of both thighs... READ MORE

I have under eye swelling on cheekbone left some yellowish discoloration and veins? (photos)

I got up one day with sweeling on cheekbones one side was severe then the other one.and it left also yellowish discoloration on one cheekbone.if we... READ MORE

Pressure, swelling, large veins in feet. What could this be?

Every time I'm warm (I am very sensitive to heat) the the veins in my feet enlarge, my feet become swollen, get red, appear as if they will explode... READ MORE

Can this be reduced? (photo)

I had a tumor removed at age 10. I am now 59 and after many de-bulking surgeries I am left with this. It swells and hurts. I am going to see dr Milton... READ MORE

Received the via venous treatment. Experienced gross swelling and white lines. Is this a normal reaction?

I was put on steriods and benadryl for the itching. My face is still hot and red.It has been a week now.The lines look like areas that were missed. READ MORE

Is EVLT the best option for me?

I've been recommended for evlt and injections for 5 veins in my legs, including great saphenous, small saphenous, and deep femoral. I don't have... READ MORE

I've had a mild allergic reactions to an unknown agent (allergy tests pending), have been getting swelling over my upper eyes?

Also noticing blue/purple vein in corner/eyelid area. Skin is loose over my eye and a bit sore. Are there any treatments I can do at home? I've been... READ MORE

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