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Side Effects of Laser Spider Vein Treatment?

I am anxious to get my spider veins zapped, and although it seems pretty safe I am concerned about the hyperpigmentation risk. The med spa I am... READ MORE

What are Common Spider Vein Treatment Side Effects?

Can you pls explain the possible side effects from vein treatment READ MORE

Tingling, Slight Pain and Numbness in the Legs After Laser Vein Treatment - Normal?

5 Days post-op. I didn't visit an MD unfortunately and am now worried about these items, especially as I was told the only side effect I could... READ MORE

Side Effects of Treatment for Varicose Veins?

Will I have wicked stains if I get my veins done on my legs? I'm seeing a doctor in Las Vegas for the first time for varicose veins. I don't have... READ MORE

How do I get rid of these veins on my chest and legs caused by Nexplanon? (photos)

After having the nexplanon then removeved after only 3 mnth due to side effects incl. these veins over my chest and legs some I never had any problem... READ MORE

What is Asclera for Veins?

I saw on-line a discussion about a new spider vein treatment called Asclera. Can a medical doctor here please explain what this it a drug? Is... READ MORE

What Are the Side Effects of Different Vein Treatments?

What are the possible negative consequences to one's health e.g., leg circulation problems, as a result of Spider vein or vericose Vein removal... READ MORE

Laser veins removal: bigger blue (dark) veins as side effects ? Will it disappear? (Photo)

Two weeks ago I had a laser spider veins removal on my legs. But some blue/black lines appeared after that (some veins that have been treated), and... READ MORE

Recent Varicose Vain Surgery Will It Cause Other Vains to Swell?

I had vain surgery in Dec I had on spot on my calf for years that was causing me pain and swelling. When the Dr did the surgery he had to go higher... READ MORE

How to get rid or broken capillaries on the face without laser?

I have some broken capillaries or spider veins that have appeared on my left cheek and around my nose. I am interested in getting rid of them through... READ MORE

What is the best option with least side effects for forehead vein treatment from sclero, microph, fat transfer, fillers?

I am a 40 year old woman that now has large, prominent forehead veins. I have been told that sclerotherapy, microphlebectomy and fillers are options;... READ MORE

Can removing the vein on my temple area with laser have any advserse effects? (Photo)

I have a vein on the temple area that's always visible but shows especially when my heart rate is elevated (when it's hot outside, when I'm nervous... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for varicose veins with sclerotherapy for systemic lupus erythematosus patients?

Hi I am 33 years old patient with systemic lupus erythematosus since 2004 now I'm under control with mycophenolic acid. My main concern is that I have... READ MORE

Are there negative side effects from using a laser on veins under the eyes?

My previous question has pictures of my under eye veins and many doctors are recommending lasers. Is this a risky procedure? Can it turn out worse? READ MORE

Dark spots normal after spider vein treatment on face? (Photos)

I received laser treatment to treat facial Spider veins yesterday. The nurse said these marks were trapped blood, and to help I should massage these... READ MORE

Varicocele between Grade 1 and 2 diagnosed by ultrasound is it important to have surgery for it?

What are the possible side effects of varicocele which is in between grade 1 & 2 Some more things I want to know some time I feel irritation(not... READ MORE

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