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What's the Best Way to Reduce Scarring from Spider Vein Removal Around Nose?

I had a spider vein removal around my nose and it left me with the veins plus scars around the nose. What can I do to reduce them? Is there a laser... READ MORE

Stubborn Thread Veins on Nose

; Have Tried Nd:YAG Fotona XP Laser, and Veinwave (VW)  I had conspicuous spider veins on my ear removed, and at the same time had the specialist... READ MORE

Veinwave EXTREME fail (photos)

Look at my picture and tell me what I can do with this Veinwave Extreme Botch? Will a laser treatment get rid of this awful scaring? if so what kind... READ MORE

I have scars on my face from cutera cool glide laser: Is this the wrong laser to remove small spider veins? (Photo)

I went to have small spider veins removed from underneath my nose in March 2013. The nurse used a Cutera Cool glide laser. she used the laser around... READ MORE

Talked Into Vbeam To Revise TT Scar- It Looks Worse. Will It Improve?

Recently saw derm for tt scar and it was so confusing said try everything from kenalog shots to bleaching creams then he used vbeam laser across my tt... READ MORE

Had Facial Laser Vein Removal, then Got Impetigo. Will It Scar?

Cutlera Coolglide Had microderm + Revlite done 1st + veins Right after all was done I started having skin weeping Then had water filled blisters pop... READ MORE

Why do patients get burned / blistered / scarred from facial vein treatments?

I have small red facial veins on my cheeks and I'm thinking about getting a laser treatment. I keep reading horror stories about patients getting... READ MORE

Can Thermavein scar?

I had Thermavein 5 months ago on my cheeks and now have holes which look like enlarged pores & a couple of small dents in the treatment area. Wondered... READ MORE

I had the VeinGogh procedure 3 weeks ago and these are the marks/scars left behind. It doesn't seem to be improving. (Photo)

How can I treat these areas to minimize the scarring or altered skin left behind? What laser should I use to get rid of the veins going forward. I've... READ MORE

Is this scar normal after Candela laser treatment? (Photo)

I was twice candele laser treatment (vein removal). After the second treatment my skin was red after that my skin blistering. There was a big white... READ MORE

Veins are suddenly visible and moving in scar. I think I pulled one out today. Any suggestions? (photos)

Was in car wreck sliced chunk of skin down deep enough to slice artery too. Pulled a vein like thing out of a bump that popped up on the scar. It... READ MORE

4 weeks ago I had Veingogh (also known as Veinwave) treatment for veins on my nose: scars. (photos)

I have been left with indented scars and more veins. Please could you let me know what treatments I should consider to fix these pitted marks? Also I... READ MORE

I want to lose weight and am considering running for starters, is it good for me?

I suffer from varicose veins and had a laser surgery done in my left leg about 8 months back. They closed my saphenous vein from upper thigh to knee... READ MORE

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