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Most Efficient Procedure Available to Treat Varicose Veins?

I'm 18 and i have varicose veins on my legs (both lower legs and thighs). They are noticeble and green. I'm not overweight and i exercise... READ MORE

Spider Veins Under Eyes? (photo)

I am planing on having laser removal of those spider veins which i have under my eyes but i was wondering if it can be preformed at this area in the... READ MORE

Throbbing vein (with pulse) appears on forehead after exercise, if I bend down and if I smile. Can it be removed safely? (Photo)

More have popped up on the side of my forehead also with pulses. Can arteries be removed safety? Would heavy exercise increase the chance of more... READ MORE

Any Dangers to Using a Home IPL Hair Removal Device, Such As Silk'n, to Remove Small Spider Veins?

I just happened to be getting ipl/photofacials and knew it was used to remove small veins on the face, so zapped a few spider veins on my legs at home... READ MORE

Risks of Using Laser to Treat Under Eye Veins? (photo)

Hello Doctors, I have these eye bags with veins under them popping out from sneezing lot when I used to have my allergies, my dermatologist... READ MORE

YAG Laser Treatment for Eyelid Veins?

I have a small varicose vein. I was told by an eyelid surgeon that there is too much risk for laser treatment of veins around the eye. You mentioned... READ MORE

What are the risks to phlebectomy on foot? (photos)

I am an early forties male and have had treatments for varicose veins this past year, and was hoping to also get a vein on my foot removed. I have... READ MORE

How to get rid of under eye veins?

Larger undereye veins, which is the best way to permanently get rid of these veins and what are the risks of each option. I have seen conflicting... READ MORE

How Do You I Get Rid of Broken Capillaries Around the Nose?

What treatment should i have done to get rid of broken capillaries aroung the nose? What are the risks and downtime? and also an estimate on cost.... READ MORE

CoolTouch Varia Laser for Blue Temple Veins? Do the Veins Return?

CoolTouch Varia Laser for Blue Temple Veins? ..Do the Veins Return? ..And what are the Risks? READ MORE

Am I at Higher Risk for Forming Blood Clots After Surgery to Remove Vericose Vein 5 Years Ago?

I had a vericose vein removed using the stripping method over 5 years ago. I had 5 ultrasounds following and never had a problem with blood clots... READ MORE

Do You Have to Treat Varicose Veins? Do They Pose Any Danger to Me?

Do You Have to Treat Varicose Veins? Do They Pose Any Danger to Me? READ MORE

How to get rid or broken capillaries on the face without laser?

I have some broken capillaries or spider veins that have appeared on my left cheek and around my nose. I am interested in getting rid of them through... READ MORE

What types of surgeries are recommended for eye vein removal that have a low danger rate? Which ones are most successful?(Photo)

I have very definite veins around and under my eye that I would like to be removed. I would like to get this done soon and have looked at different... READ MORE

I have an upside down "Y" vein near the tip of my nose. It looks a little larger than a spider vein. Can laser therapy help?

I had a nose job (rhinoplasty) about 20 years ago. After the procedure and for many years thereafter, I had no problems. Recently, within the last 6... READ MORE

Is microphlebectomy a permanent solution for periorbital veins? (photos)

I have veins under my eyes and I'm looking for a permanent solution because I know that lasers and sclerotherapy have the risk of reoccurrence. I want... READ MORE

I'm 19 year old and have vericose vein. Dr. has suggested me laser treatment. Is it a good option to close the vein at this age?

Problem is in "Greater saphenous vein". I'm attaching a photo below. I would greatly appreciate if you kindly give me some feedback. READ MORE

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