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Are the visible veins on my legs varicose veins? Will they get worse? How can I make them disappear? (Photo)

I'm only 15 and I have visible veins on my legs. My mom have varicose veins do you think I have inherited it or something. Or are the veins on my legs... READ MORE

Treatment of prominent Hand Veins. (photo)

I would like to remove or reduce in size the veins on the back of my hands, but do not want to compromise my circulation or health. Vascular surgeons... READ MORE

Am I developing spider veins and if so how can I prevent them from getting worse? (Photo)

The veins at the back of my knee have become more noticeable in the past year and they also get painful sometimes. They look thinner. Sometimes during... READ MORE

Throbbing vein (with pulse) appears on forehead after exercise, if I bend down and if I smile. Can it be removed safely? (Photo)

More have popped up on the side of my forehead also with pulses. Can arteries be removed safety? Would heavy exercise increase the chance of more... READ MORE

How can I remove a bulging vein under my eye? (Photo)

About six weeks ago I developed a small spot under my eye. It didn't occur after an injection or trauma that I'm aware of. It is below the surface,... READ MORE

What can I do about many large, bulging veins on my feet of 22 year old male? (Photos)

I'm a 22 year old male with many large, bulging veins on both feet that seem to have gotten worse over the past several years. Duplex ultrasound... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for tiny spider veins on the legs? (Photo)

I had sclerotherapy done last year and I was happy with most of the spider veins that were injected. I noticed however, the appearance of a cluster of... READ MORE

How do I get rid of these veins on my chest and legs caused by Nexplanon? (photos)

After having the nexplanon then removeved after only 3 mnth due to side effects incl. these veins over my chest and legs some I never had any problem... READ MORE

Can facial veins under eyes and under eyebrows be treated safely? what options are available? (Photo)

Are there homeopathic or natural treatments for this area? Can it be treated with laser or sclerotherapy? READ MORE

How can I get rid of leg veins? (photos)

Im only 16 but my legs are covered with veins. Theyre not varicose veins or spider veins. Theyre more like reticular veins. Is there any kind of... READ MORE

I have scars on my face from cutera cool glide laser: Is this the wrong laser to remove small spider veins? (Photo)

I went to have small spider veins removed from underneath my nose in March 2013. The nurse used a Cutera Cool glide laser. she used the laser around... READ MORE

Vein wave treatment fail (Photo)

I had a Vein Wave Treatment performed on my legs 4 months ago to get rid of small spider veins, they look WAY worse and very noticeable. I REGRET ever... READ MORE

Is this a lymph node or a vein? (Photo)

Im 28 years old and a week ago i found a little swollen place on my right leg thats pretty much around that vein on a pic and it goes also behind the... READ MORE

Microphlebectomy: Will the csars fade? (Photo)

I just had my veins removed from my legs by microphlebectomy on Monday, April 7 2014. I noticed that where he took the veins out are little slits in... READ MORE

I'm 14 years old and have these veins. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I'm 14 and have these little veins and they bother me soo much. I want them to go away I dont want to have laser treatments or anything like that. But... READ MORE

Is it possible to use the VeinGogh treatment on the sclera of the eye to remove permanently dilated blood vessels? (Photo)

I read that this Ohmic Thermolysis System method applies heat to the coagulate the blood hence collapsing the vein without damaging other surrounding... READ MORE

These leg veins showed up out of no where one day. I have never had problems with varicose veins or anything similar. (photos)

Why did I suddenly get these leg veins? What exactly are they and will they go away by themselves or will I need (sclerotherapy) treatment? READ MORE

I have a red vein under my eye, how do i reduce or get rid of it?

I have had veinwave treatment on the vein a couple of times and at first it seems to be all gone and as soon as the redness goes down the vein is... READ MORE

I have a bruise/stain (clot?) behind my knee after getting sclerotherapy. What is it and would this fade away in time? (photo)

Underwent sclerotherapy about 24 hours ago and only got to remove the bandages today. Was VERY surprised to find this discoloration. All my other... READ MORE

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