Exercise + Vein Treatment

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Is It Ok to Exercise 5 Days After Laser Spider Vein Removal?

I usually do 1-hour cardio workouts and go out dancing a few times a week. I finally got into a routine and don't want to get too much off track. Can... READ MORE

Will I ruin all my laser vein therapy if I take off my compression hose for an hour of bootcamp class this week?

I recently had laser vein therapy for some spider veins and one varicose vein Will I detract from the benefits of the therapy if I take off my... READ MORE

Can you do upper body cardio or upper body weight training after laser vein removal for spider veins?

Can you do upper body cardio or upper body weight training after laser vein removal for spider veins? If wearing Compression sports recovery leggings... READ MORE

Is It Varicose Veins?

At my job I walk a lot and lift 1-15 lb objects a lot. I also exercise about 4 times a week, running on the treadmill and doing exercises such as... READ MORE

Is it possible for regular exercise that is focused on strengthening the legs to help fade visible reticular veins on legs?

I have visible reticular veins on the back of my knees which are not twisted or bumpy but simply more visible than normal veins. READ MORE

Varicose veins get always worse after exercise?

My varicose veins get always worse after exercise - aerobic , .. . Will they return after varicose veins removal surgery if I will continue exercise ?... READ MORE

Can ugly veins be hidden somewhat with some type of treatment? I've researched and can't find a concrete answer. (photos)

I have disgusting temple veins in both my right and left side of my temples. They are noticeable at all times. The right is much more pronounced since... READ MORE

Will bulging veins stop if I discontinue push ups?

I have veins bulging out from my hands and forearms from doing push ups and losing weight. As a woman, I absolutely hate the way they look even when... READ MORE

Is it safe to treat bulging veins in your hands?

I am a 25yr old female ,slim but not underweight .The skin on the back of my hands is thin and my veins always show blue .Over the past year I have... READ MORE

Is there something that can be done to diminish/reduce/remove these temple veins/arteries? (Photos)

They pulsate and they are more extreme during hot weather and after exercising. READ MORE

Endovenous vein treatment done 1 year ago and now have constantly swollen legs, thigh to ankle.

I never had this problem prior to the treatment. No pain. I had my f/u ultrasound appt 2 weeks ago and nothing was found except a few veins that have... READ MORE

Do I need to treat the blue veins on my legs? Will the blue veins come back after treatment? (photo)

I found the veins on my legs are getting so blue, so visible, especially in hot weather, or at night or after exercises. Is that normal? Should I... READ MORE

Is it possible exercise after vein surgery could cause new bulging veins (photos)

I had some bulging veins removed from my left thigh on Thurs the 5th. . .I started walking sun 4 miles so Ive done that 5 days out of last week. .long... READ MORE

I have painful varicose veins. If I step up my exercising and lose more weight...if I had DVT would it dissolve on its own?

I'm 26 and for my job I sit ALOT I'm not over weight and exercise about twice a week. I have varicose veins on the the inner side of my knee and calf... READ MORE

Removal of vein next to eye possible? (Photos)

I have a very visible vein next to my right eye that has bothered me for as long as I can remember.. it swells when I excersise and also sometimes... READ MORE

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