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I Have a LARGE Blue Vein Under my Right Eye? (photo)

I live in the Tampa Bay area and would like to find a surgeon who will remove a large, prominent blue vein under my right eye. The vein bulges and can... READ MORE

Where can I get an artery ligation on my temporal artery done in New York? (Photo)

I have inflamed arteries on both my temples and I saw a doctor and I know it is not temporal arteritis. They are unsightly and I don't want to look at... READ MORE

Possible to Litigate a Temple Artery That Bulges Most of the Time/ and Big in Warm Weather?

Can anyone recomend a Doctor in ct to litigate a temple artery that bulges most of the time/ and big in warm weather? I can't seem to find anyone to... READ MORE

I Have a Venous Lake That's Been Treated 3x W/the Vbeam W/no Success. Any Referrals for DC/MD/VA?

My doctor wanted to try the Vbeam first because there was less of a chance for a scar. She mentioned that the ND:Yag laser should work but only by... READ MORE

What is the success rate of removing prominent, central vein in my forehead? I've never seen after photos/ testimonials. (photo)

The vein in my forehead bulges when I smile, squint or do anything but remain expressionless. It has become a topic of embarrassment as people... READ MORE

What Dr. Is recommended for yag laser treatment for both my under eyes for blue veins to be removed. I am from Kenosha wisconsin

I have very dark under wise and my dermatologist told me this would be the best way to get rid of them by using a yag laser. I would like any... READ MORE

Any Vein Treatment Specialists You Can Recommend in Shoreline, CT?

What can be done to the worm-like temple artery or vein that I have had for years but seeks to bulge more especially in hot weather? I had a sed rate... READ MORE

Who can remove a large vein in the center of my forehead?

Any drs who can remove a large vein in the middle of my forehead that puffs up when i smile? it is huge when i smile or lean down. it looks like a... READ MORE

Seeking a physician who does VeinGogh or Thermavein in NYC.

I have telangiectasis under my eyes and on the sides of the nose. i dont want to use other lasers, just microneedling bc i dont want to risk pih. any... READ MORE

I have broken blood vessels on nose, want them removed WITHOUT laser cannot find thermavein near mass or nyb

I absolutely do not want laser, was looking into thermavein but can't find anything except nyc.. I live near albany my wouldn't mind traveling an hour... READ MORE

Where can I find a Maryland/D.C. area doctor using laser treatment for blue veins under the eye?

I am a 32-year-old female, and have a blue/green vein that runs very close to the orbital bone under my left eye that has become more prominent with... READ MORE

Who is the Best Type of Physician to Do Leg Vein Removal?

I have small veins in my thigh area and lower leg,what type of doctor is best used to treat these veins. READ MORE

Broken capillaries on nose? Not sure what this is. (Photo)

Thanks for this great web site!! [sorry my photo is of such poor quality] I have 2 "dots" on one side of nose and larger "legion" on other side. My... READ MORE

Doctor for varicose veins treatment?

Looking for a doctor and reviews of anyone treating varicose veins in Colorado Springs area. I am 69 years old and don't have pain.. but summer is... READ MORE

There are two large vein that is close to my eye. Will my eye be blind if I remove these vein? (photos)

Which perfect why can work my two large vein or can't remove? or dangerous for remove this two vein? How much cost? where can do this ? Thanks READ MORE

Under my right eye I have a reticular vein. It has been unsightly for few yrs. I want the vein treated or removed. (photo)

I live in Minnesota and am having a difficult time finding a physician that could address my issue. READ MORE

Los Angeles Laser Vein Treatment Doctor Recommendations

I have ugly blue veins under my eyes and I'd like to get rid of them. I've read that laser treatment is the best procedure for this. Does anyone know... READ MORE

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