Discoloration + Vein Treatment

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Discoloration After Vein Treatment

How Long is It for the Discoloation to Be Gone After I Done the Vein Treatment? READ MORE

Getting Rid of Blood Vessels on the Face and Neck?

What laser works best for getting rid of blood vessels on the face and neck? READ MORE

I have a bruise/stain (clot?) behind my knee after getting sclerotherapy. What is it and would this fade away in time? (photo)

Underwent sclerotherapy about 24 hours ago and only got to remove the bandages today. Was VERY surprised to find this discoloration. All my other... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for veins and bruising under the eyes?

What can I do for thin skin under my eyes with veins and discoloration that looks like bruising going all the way up to the corner of my eye and nose... READ MORE

Discoloration Post Ambulatory Phlembectomy on left foot. Will this go away with time, its been a year or can laser help? (Photo)

I had an ambulatory phlembectomy june 2013 & still have discoloration, redness, grayish purplish color underneath the skin up by my ankle and center... READ MORE

Vein treatment. It looks worse now, after 5 months. What should I do?

I started treatment on my vein Feb.17 2015. It looks worse now (5 month after) i have tried creams but nothing helps. The discoloration/stains/marks... READ MORE

Is it possible for my legs to look healthy again? (photo)

I have had this discoloration for years and did not know what it was. Only a few years ago did I finally get treatment and found out it was due to bad... READ MORE

Skin discoloration & increase in varicose veins after surgery done a couple of years back - Indian 27 y/o. Suggestions? (photos)

I got laser ablation on both legs along with ligation of perforators done as the scan showed bilateral sapient popliteal and femoral incompetence. I... READ MORE

I have under eye swelling on cheekbone left some yellowish discoloration and veins? (photos)

I got up one day with sweeling on cheekbones one side was severe then the other one.and it left also yellowish discoloration on one cheekbone.if we... READ MORE

What can I do with my discolored bulging vein in my forehead? (Photo)

In 2005, I had my nose done, I believe that while I was asleep, they injected me with something in my forehead, because, when I woke up my left side... READ MORE

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