Compression Garment + Vein Treatment

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Can Compression Stockings Cause the Skin to Bruise if They Rub the Area in Around the Groin?

Can Compression stockings cause the skin to bruise if they rub the area in around the groin? I just had lazer surgery on my left leg to treat vericous... READ MORE

How to Prevent Varicose Veins on Legs?

I think I have started developing varicose veins on my feet. Thankfully nothing can be seen on my legs but I am very apprehensive, I do not want the... READ MORE

Will I ruin all my laser vein therapy if I take off my compression hose for an hour of bootcamp class this week?

I recently had laser vein therapy for some spider veins and one varicose vein Will I detract from the benefits of the therapy if I take off my... READ MORE

Can you do upper body cardio or upper body weight training after laser vein removal for spider veins?

Can you do upper body cardio or upper body weight training after laser vein removal for spider veins? If wearing Compression sports recovery leggings... READ MORE

Do I Have to Wear Compression Stockings if I Have No Symptoms from my Varicose Veins?

I have a mild varicose vein on my left calf, which is giving me no symptoms or pain. I noticed it looked more blue lately so my doctor sent me for... READ MORE

After EVLT There's a small bulge or hard knot in a vein on the inner thigh of my treated leg? Normal? (Photo)

I'm 2 weeks post EVLT procedure. I'm having slight discomfort in area of knot, especially to touch. I still have discoloration where the vein was... READ MORE

Finding the right Treatment for Spider Veins?? (photos)

I have spider veins on my thighs and behind knees. They do not protrude, hurt or cover a large area. Over 20 yrs ago a dermatologist injected them,... READ MORE

Do I still have to wear compression or support hose?

I have varicose veins with no symptom and some that are bulging. READ MORE

How long should I wear compression or support hose for?

As I asked I'm my last question, I have a bulging vein but also mild veins in certain areas. I recently just started wearing support hose and I have... READ MORE

I am having vein ablation on right leg tomorrow and left leg a week later, greater saphenous vein

I am an athlete, very active. Are there any athletic compression companies you would recommend for workouts post surgery? If not, Am I able to wear my... READ MORE

2 weeks post op, did laser treatment for my spider veins work? (photos)

I had a laser treatment 2 weeks ago for spider veins on my legs. I understand that multiple treatments are needed to be fully affective, however, are... READ MORE

Which type of Doctor/practice is best for very visible leg veins? Vein center or cosmetic surgeon? (photos)

I am 24 years old and these veins were not visible five years ago. Each year they get worse. Not sure which type of Doctor to see about this. Does the... READ MORE

What does draining a vein mean? Would I need to wear compression stockings for any time? What is the healing time?

I have 2 veins on both of my calves, after 4 months since being treated with foam therapy, that are still raised and dark. I was advised by a doctor... READ MORE

Two days ago I had my RFA and Stab Phlebectomy on for varicose veins. Question regarding post procedure and recovery.

So, This is a follow up to my previous question asked about if RFA and Stab Phlebectomy was a good approach for my vein treatment. I got my RFA done... READ MORE

Can varicose vein be treated with medication or with therapy? (photo)

I'm 19 year old male. I was obese but have lost significant weight in a year.(Lifestyle changes). Even then I haven't seen any improvement in them.... READ MORE

Endovenous vein treatment done 1 year ago and now have constantly swollen legs, thigh to ankle.

I never had this problem prior to the treatment. No pain. I had my f/u ultrasound appt 2 weeks ago and nothing was found except a few veins that have... READ MORE

Post RFA 1 week after. How long will the numbness around the site of RFA will go away?

I had the RFA done about a week ago. I have been wearing compression stockings post procedure. When I run my hand over the area i had the ablation... READ MORE

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