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I Had a Bulging Forehead Vein Removed, Now Scared About the Whole Procedure. Worried About Long Term?

I had a bulging vein in the middle of my forehead removed. Doctor performed microphlebectomy. Now I am really scared about the procedure. I am worried... READ MORE

What can I do about many large, bulging veins on my feet of 22 year old male? (Photos)

I'm a 22 year old male with many large, bulging veins on both feet that seem to have gotten worse over the past several years. Duplex ultrasound... READ MORE

I want to know what i can do about a vein in the middle of my forehead? (photo)

I have a vein in the middle of my forehead and it sticks out a little.. you can see it pulsate. It Really bothers me a lot. Is there anything i can do? READ MORE

Fine Blue Temple Veins and when I Smile they Buldge? This only became noticable in the last 9 months and is getting worse?

My right temple looks blue with fine blue veins down from my hair and when I smile there is a slight buldge over my eyebrow and the other temple has... READ MORE

What is the success rate of removing prominent, central vein in my forehead? I've never seen after photos/ testimonials. (photo)

The vein in my forehead bulges when I smile, squint or do anything but remain expressionless. It has become a topic of embarrassment as people... READ MORE

Any suggestions for bulgy varicose vein in right leg? (photos)

Have got a thick vericose vein behind my right knee and I feel thaf it has reached my right testicle also as I can see the bulge. No sex drive. and... READ MORE

I'm tired of these veins on my forehead. They bulge out way too much and I hate how I look. Can I get them fixed somehow?(photo)

I wanna know how much & what should be done to remove them or cover them up somehow? I can't take it anymore. Thanks. READ MORE

I had laser done about 5 wks ago (acculaser) to help with matting and some stubborn veins around the leg. Is this normal?(photo)

I have been struggling with veins for over 20 years... I am 37. After two pregnancies I had both lower saphenous and the right leg greater saphenous... READ MORE

Artery/vein bulge near eye? Any solution possible? (photos)

Would it be safe to remove the artery/vein bulge? I've asked this question here before and was hoping to get more opinions. I have seen several... READ MORE

After EVLT There's a small bulge or hard knot in a vein on the inner thigh of my treated leg? Normal? (Photo)

I'm 2 weeks post EVLT procedure. I'm having slight discomfort in area of knot, especially to touch. I still have discoloration where the vein was... READ MORE

Is it safe to treat bulging veins in your hands?

I am a 25yr old female ,slim but not underweight .The skin on the back of my hands is thin and my veins always show blue .Over the past year I have... READ MORE

Vein under the lower lid. It is large and bulges out.

I am trying to find a doctor who does this procedure, a microphlebectomy close to my area. I live in Boca Raton, Florida. READ MORE

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