Bruising + Vein Treatment

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What's the problem when a vein in palm get swollen? Since 6 Months i can feel it pulsing every now and then. (photos)

My fathers palm has a vein which get a little big and he can feel it pulsing. Today it suddenly got really swollen, as you see in the picture attached... READ MORE

I Had Laser Work Done 6 Weeks Ago for Spider Veins on my Legs, How do I Get Rid of these Red Marks? (photo)

I had laser work done 6 weeks ago for spider veins on my legs. I still have red marks that I'm afraid might be scars. I started applying vitamin E... READ MORE

What causes bruises on legs that will not heal?

I started having spider veins in my 20s, shortly after being hit by a drunk driver. Over the years my veins have gotten worse. My first sclero... READ MORE

Can Compression Stockings Cause the Skin to Bruise if They Rub the Area in Around the Groin?

Can Compression stockings cause the skin to bruise if they rub the area in around the groin? I just had lazer surgery on my left leg to treat vericous... READ MORE

I have a protruding vein directly under my right eye that has become painful. What treatment would you recommend?

4 days ago I was taking my makeup off and directly under my right eye felt bruised almost. When I looked in the mirror closer I noticed that there is... READ MORE

I have a bruise/stain (clot?) behind my knee after getting sclerotherapy. What is it and would this fade away in time? (photo)

Underwent sclerotherapy about 24 hours ago and only got to remove the bandages today. Was VERY surprised to find this discoloration. All my other... READ MORE

Black eye/bruising after YAG laser to remove blue veins under eyes.

Had this procedure performed and expected "some redness and swelling for a few days." Instead, I have two pretty bad black eyes that don't hurt at... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for veins and bruising under the eyes?

What can I do for thin skin under my eyes with veins and discoloration that looks like bruising going all the way up to the corner of my eye and nose... READ MORE

What laser treatment should I seek for to treat faint bruising/tiny spider veins on my upper lip? (Photo)

The bruising/tiny spider veins are barely noticeable and were caused by the Tria Laser Hair Removal device (diode laser technology) and also cause by... READ MORE

What R These Bruises? (photo)

I woke up this morning with identical bruising on the back of each upper leg?? READ MORE

I've been noticing spider veins popping up all over the place - is this normal? (photo)

They are small and purple a couple have burst and I have been bruising easily. I also have some white spots on my nails. I have aniexty so I'm sure... READ MORE

Is it normal after sclerotherapy for spider veins to lighten initially and then begin to darken again?

I got sclerotherapy for my spider veins for the first time a few days ago. I have had no bruising, and I have had no pain. My concern is that each day... READ MORE

Why use lasers instead of cautery for small facial broken capillaries?

I know cautery is an outdated way to treat small facial broken capillaries and now lasers are recommended . This makes no sense--cautery is cheaper,... READ MORE

I had laser vein surgery (ELAS) on 1 leg on a vein running. How long can I expect to feel pain?

Is pain normal and how long will it last? It has been 1 week. I only have mild bruising but a sharp pain in my thigh and side of leg. I wear... READ MORE

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