Blood Clot + Vein Treatment

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Laser for Under Eye Veins, Worried About Blood Clot to Brain?

Hi , I just had laser done under both eyes for a few small red veins under left eye and tiny blue vein under left , and thin blue vein under right eye... READ MORE

Vein surgery during a menstrual cycle okay?

I am scheduled to have phlebectomy vein surgery in 4 days to my groin area and upper thigh / knees, it will be during the beginning of my menstrual... READ MORE

Am I at Higher Risk for Forming Blood Clots After Surgery to Remove Vericose Vein 5 Years Ago?

I had a vericose vein removed using the stripping method over 5 years ago. I had 5 ultrasounds following and never had a problem with blood clots... READ MORE

Laser for Temple Veins Blood Clot?

I have two prominent temple veins, if I was to get them treated with Laser could the Laser cause a blood clot? If so could the clot travel and cause... READ MORE

3 Question for the Long Pulsed Nd Yag 1064 Laser for Temple Vein?

3 Question for yhe Long Pulsed Nd Yag 1064 Laser for Temple Vein? 1) Any chance of blood clots? That could cause brain? eye problems? from back flow?... READ MORE

Concerns About Treating Temple Veins With Laser?

Could a clot happen? if so could it travel and cause problems? If the clot stayed stuck in the vein could the vein re open on its own and then could... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for varicose veins with sclerotherapy for systemic lupus erythematosus patients?

Hi I am 33 years old patient with systemic lupus erythematosus since 2004 now I'm under control with mycophenolic acid. My main concern is that I have... READ MORE

Does this appear to be a spider vein or a possible symptom of a blood clot? (Photo)

I've had this red mark on my lower leg for three weeks now. It does not go away or get lighter. Slightly tender to the touch. Not painful though. No... READ MORE

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