Blister + Vein Treatment

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Are Blisters and Scabs Normal After Laser Treatment for Spider Veins?

I had laser therapy friday for spider veins on my nose, and now i have small blisters and purple scabs! Am I at risk to develop scars after this... READ MORE

Blisters, Scabs and Now Brown Spots After Laser Vein Removal on Face. Help!

Had a Cutera CoolGlide laser vein removal treatment on my face around nose and on cheeks a month ago. A day after the treatment I got several round... READ MORE

I Had Cutera Coolglide Laser to Remove Spider Veins from Around my Nose, NOT Face but They Burned and Blistered my Face? (photo)

I had gone in for a treatment to have the veins removed form around my nose. The person performing the procedure decided instead of doingn around my... READ MORE

Yag Laser Treatment - Venous Malformation (Tongue, Lip, Cheek, Palate, Neck)? (photo)

I have a very large venous malformation that comprises a good portion of the right side of my face/neck/tongue. I am having a Yag treatment(s)... READ MORE

Had Facial Laser Vein Removal, then Got Impetigo. Will It Scar?

Cutlera Coolglide Had microderm + Revlite done 1st + veins Right after all was done I started having skin weeping Then had water filled blisters pop... READ MORE

Cutaneous Depressions from Laser, Is It Permanent?

Do Cutaneous depressions from facial laser vein removal around nose fill in? Are they temperary?The Cutera laser was used.Got blistered ,now dealing... READ MORE

Why do patients get burned / blistered / scarred from facial vein treatments?

I have small red facial veins on my cheeks and I'm thinking about getting a laser treatment. I keep reading horror stories about patients getting... READ MORE

Laser Spider veins? (photo)

I have done laser spied vains and I got blisters . Also the vain spider become darker and swollen. Is that normal ? READ MORE

Follow up: Further to blisters following leg vein ablation.

Thank you so much for your clear and concise answer to my question, I hope you do not mind me asking, the ace bandaging applied was from my ankle to... READ MORE

Following VNUS vein ablation to my leg I had large blisters, is this usual? (photos)

If this was because of bandaging would you consider it to be a reaction or due to incorrect application (bear in mind that the pain endured from this... READ MORE

Blisters after 3rd spider vein treatment with laser (Photo)

These blisters showed up after my 3rd treatment using a laser on my remaining spider veins. The other treated areas did not give these results. What... READ MORE

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