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Where Does Fat Go when Weight Gain Occurs After Vaser Liposuction?

I'm considering having Vaser Liposuction done to my abdomen, flanks and arms. I wonder, where would the fat go if I gain weight? I am a size 34D and... READ MORE

How Long Do Vaser Liposelection Results Last? What if I Gain Weight?

I have been told that I am an ideal candidate for abdominal Vaser liposelection based on the plastic surgeon feeling my belly and skin elasticity. But... READ MORE

Vaser HD Lipo Sculpture for Permanent Result?

I am an athlete but have some weight issue. I tend to put on weigh even though during my training phase. My weight has been going up and down. Does... READ MORE

Does Swelling from Vaser Lipo Cause Fluid Retention?

I got vaser lipo on my lower abdomen, lower flanks, and inner thighs almost 4 months ago. I am still lumpy and swollen and my weight has really shot... READ MORE

Gained Weight After Lipo and Tummy Tuck - Is Vaser or Lipo Sculpting a Good Option Now?

I Have Already Had a Traditional Lipo & a Full Tummy Tuck 3 Years Ago. Unfortunately, I have gained my weight back(mainly in the hip area) after... READ MORE

Vasered Legs - Will I Gain Weight in Other Parts of My Body?

I am getting vaser on my legs in december. my dr. recommended inner outer and medial. as of right now i am fairly thin and carry my weight in my... READ MORE

Normal to Gain and Lose Weight After Vaser Liposuction

Is it normal to gain and lose weight in the first few weeks or months after having Vaser Liposuction in abdomen and buttocks area? Is this related to... READ MORE

I had Vaser liposuction once, gained the weight back. Should I consider Vaser lipo a second time? Read details please. (Photo)

I had liposuction about a year ago and i gained just about all the weight / fat i lost from my first vaser lipo procedure. If i commit myself to... READ MORE

I had Vaser Lipo almost 5 weeks ago, my weight is the same. Does this mean I'm gaining weight?

Before surgery I was 127.5-128.5...for about 3-4 days around day 10 I was down to 126 but since then Ive stuck around 127ish to 129ish. My question is... READ MORE

5kg Extra Water Weight 10 Days Post Op? (photo)

I went for Vaser Liposelection from a very reputable doctor on my saddles, inner thighs and knees, I weighed 64kg before I went for Vaser... READ MORE

What would be the best treatment option for removing belly fat?

I have been researching different type of treatments and I'm interested in vaser lipo and cool sculpting. The second one seems to be cheaper but would... READ MORE

Long term effects of laser liposuction on an "apple shape" body? (Photo)

I have size 6 legs and arms and a size 12 body- it's a frustrating effect of family genetics. There is always a tyre of fat that causes me great... READ MORE

Can you gain the weight back after Vaser-Lipo?

I am about to have this procedure but am really wondering if, when I get older in life will I be able to gain the weight back? If you increase your... READ MORE

Is it possible to perform Vaser Lipo in the same area twice?

In the event of weight gain can I have my abdomen treated with Vaser again if I have used the same treatment in the same area before? READ MORE

Making Fat-loss More Enduring with Liposuction?

From what I understand: Liposuction is not meant for fat-loss; when a person gains enough weight, their fat cells multiply; when they loose weight the... READ MORE

Considering vaser lipo as I have put on a lot of weight over the years. Concerned I'm not suitable for the surgery? (Photos)

I am considering vaser lipo as I have put on a lot of weight over the years. I have only recently (2 weeks) started a regime of fitness again, however... READ MORE

Is Vaser liposuction better for me than laser or tumescent if I've had previous liposuction? Please help me I can't decide!

I've done so much research I can't anymore. I've had previous lipo but I gained (I know I know it won't happen again lol). I want as much fat removed... READ MORE

Should I stop working out before Vaser lipo with fat transfer? Should I maintain or gain weight?

I am 5'5 118-123 lbs.My arm and leg muscle that I worked so hard for turned to fat after downtime from 2 BAs in one year.always been active 5-6x week... READ MORE

Just wondering why I have gained so much weight after Vaser liposuction? (photo)

I have had vasor lipo and I seem to have blown up massively? Will this go away and how long does it take? I previously went to the gym and have a... READ MORE

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