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Swollen uneven waist contour after Vaser Lipo 11 weeks post op ? Is this normal and can it be corrected ? (Photo)

I had a small amount of vaser lipo done on my love handles. This was part of butt umplant procedure. My waist has an uneven contour and feels hard and... READ MORE

Changes on Waistline After Vaser Liposuction?

What type of change would my waistline be? Like more than one pant size? Will there be a huge difference? READ MORE

Lumps/scar tissue a year after Vaser Lipo on abs?

I got vaser Lipo on my upper & lower abs, & my waist 02/2014. Almost a year later I still have a lump on both sides of my waist, and my belly button... READ MORE

How is Vaser Liposuction for the Flanks Better Than Other Traditional Forms of Liposuction?

It vaser liposuction a more or less invasive procedure when compared to other liposuction methods? READ MORE

2 days after Vaser Lipo, and I have fluid build up. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I had vaser lipo done two days ago on my abdominal, waist and flanks. On my lower back I've noticed a fluid build up in the middle of my lower back,... READ MORE

Uneven tummy. I'm extremely swollen and my tummy has a dent. One of my drains is still leaking a lot. Is this normal?

I'm 6 days post op vaser lipo on full abdomen flanks waist and arms. I'm extremely swollen and my tummy has a dent kind of thing like it goes in in... READ MORE

I had vaser lipo on abdomen, waist and inner thighs. Why is my mons huge a year later?

I have not gained weight and I work out several times a week. My sister had the same procedure and is experiencing it also. Whats goin on? READ MORE

I had vaser lipo on love handles (lower back) and around area of bra line 2 months ago. What can I do the reduce the pain?

I had vaser lipo on 5-28-14 on love handles (lower back) & around area of bra line. I am in pain unless lying on my . Sitting hurts in most chairs. A... READ MORE

Will vaser Liposuction work? (photos)

I wanted to do a vaser Lipo to my thighs arms belly and waist. And than transfer the fat to my bum. Will a high def lipo to my belly bring out my abs... READ MORE

2 months after vaser lipo: Is it normal to have hard spots? (Photo)

Not seeing results I thought I'd get based off consultation. Had vaser lipo almost 2 months ago to my waist, love handles, upper and lower abdomen.No... READ MORE

My BMI is 34. Fat localized to abs, love handles, chest. How many waist inches loss will 5L lipo extraction give me? (Photo)

I have a BMI of 34. My fat is very localized to abs, love handles, and chest. I have a large muscle mass with very little fat on my legs, butt, arms.... READ MORE

Will liposuction help me get rid of this strange ugly waist? Will Vaser work for me? (Photo)

I used to be able to get good results (hard to the touch, if not a 6-pack) in the gym but lately its just been impossible to change the shape of my... READ MORE

I read some things about Vaser hi def liposuction/sculpture. Would that work? (Photo)

In my last post I asked about the possibilities for me getting a smaller waist leading to my goal hour glass figure I was wondering if laser hi def... READ MORE

How easy is it to hide the fact you've had Vaser & are healing?

Hello. I'm looking at having vaser (I'm already athletic & lean) but would like my midsection to have some definition, my waist to be smaller... READ MORE

Post lipo garment causing issues - is it normal?

Hi all - I have had VASER lipo on 5 areas: abdomen, waist, upper and lower back, and inner thighs. I am not sure whether the super tight compression... READ MORE

Normal bruising? I had vaser done 6 days ago. 2L in total. (photo)

Mostly from abdomen but also waist and some from inner and outer thighs. I hardly sit at all as it's uncomfortable on my abdomen. But I'm on my feet... READ MORE

How much lipo is this?

I had upper/lower abs and waist/flanks/lowback vaser liposuctioned. Im 5'8 and 160 and my doc said she took out 3000cc of fat with vaser. Just... READ MORE

How much swelling should I expect?

I had Vaser ultrasound lipo today between 9 & 2. I'm not having a pain problem, so far, but I am swelling. I feel bigger around waist and back now... READ MORE

Lipo technique for cellulite all over the waist. (photos)

I know liposuction is intended to work on the fat bellow contouring the and not intended to treat celulities at all but which techinique would you use... READ MORE

I had 900cc of fat removed 30 Aug 2014, and 6 days before, 900cc with vaser hi def. Is it too little? How much weight? (Photo)

I have done many areas, abdomen, waist, love handles, lower back, upper arms, back of shoulders and knees READ MORE

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