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Bodytite/Vaser Liposuction Scarring

Hi, I had Bodytite Lipo 2 and a half months ago. It didn't work. The clinic I went to were con artists. I am in the process of getting my money... READ MORE

How to Differentiate Between a Seroma and an Untreated Pocket of Fat After Vaser Lipo?

I am at week 4 post op after vaser lipo on all abdo, flanks and bra-line. Generally I'm very happy, however as the swelling has reduced I notice I... READ MORE

Bodytite Lipo - When Will I See Results?

Hi, I am 30.Lost 35lbs now 124 lbs. I lost everything apart from back,trunk tummy ect. A month ago I had bodytite lipo on upper/lower abs (soon to... READ MORE

Who is the Best Vaser Lipo Surgeon in Houston?

Also, I Have Been Quoted 6,150 for Upper, Lower Abdomen & Flanks in Houston. Is This Reasonable? READ MORE

How long does swelling, numbness and soreness from Vaser Lipo typically last? (photo)

I had Vaser Lipo done on my lower and upper abs and flanks on April 18th, 2104. I am pretty lean, 14% Body Fat, workout and eat extremely well. It has... READ MORE

During Vaser Liposuction, how many incisions are made for treatment to the upper and lower abdomen?

I'm considering vaser liposuction and doing my research. I suffer however, from keloidal skin and ended up with keloid scars after my breast... READ MORE

I'm 5 days post vaser lipo and I look pregnant. Is this type of swelling normal?

I had Vaser about 5 days ago now, had my pecs, flanks, upper & lower abs done, dr gave me a garment to wear for 2 weeks with a foam & 1 week w/o the... READ MORE

Hi-Def Vaser on upper/lower abs, upper/lower back, flanks and arms on the same day - is this safe? (Photo)

I'm 123 lb. no children. Considering Hi-Def Vaser on upper/lower abs, upper/lower back , flanks and arms on the same day. Is this safe? Dr suggested... READ MORE

Water Lipo vs. Vaser Lipo: which is better for me? (Photo)

Hello! I've met with 2 PS who I really like, I want to have lipo of my flanks and upper/lower abs. One surgeon uses a water lipo machine and the other... READ MORE

I had Vaser Lipo on upper and lower abdomen and flanks 8 weeks ago. Flanks were the priority but still have very bad swelling.

My flanks look the same as before the vaser due to what im hoping is swelling. How long will it take for the swelling to go? All other swelling has... READ MORE

Sexual intercourse after Vaser Lipo?

I am a male, considering getting VASER Lipo on upper & lower abdomen, flanks and chest - along with gynocomastia incision to remove breast tissue.... READ MORE

Will a fluid lump absorb itself after Vaser Liposuction?

I has vaser 3 weeks ago on upper and lower abs and love handles. When I took the garmet off after first 24 hours I noticed that my right incision was... READ MORE

I got Vaser liposuction on my upper, lower abdomen and hips. Is this pain common?

According to everything I read, Vaser is supposed to be less traumatic and recovery faster I am still in pain and unable to stand for long. I called... READ MORE

I had Vaser 6 weeks ago on upper & lower abdomen and arms. At the end of each day I have hard swollen lymph nodes in my groin

Is this normal considering I had 12 lymphatic drainage sessions and open incisions that drained for 48 hrs? I am seeing my surgeon this week for a... READ MORE

Will I get back my pre pregnancy body by having lipo to my upper and lower abdomen, flanks and inner thighs? (photos)

Please can you advise me if I can obtain my pre pregnancy curves by getting Vaser lipo to my abdomen, flanks and inner thighs? I have included my pre... READ MORE

New swelling/bruising only on one side. Is this normal? (Photo)

Hi. I'm almost five weeks post Vaser to my upper and lower abs and flanks. Over the last few days I've got new bruising and swelling, but only on one... READ MORE

What is this crease? 3 weeks after Vaser Lipo. (photos)

Hello.and thank you in advance for any advice.. I'm 3 weeks tomorrow from having vaser lipo and I'm a bit worried about this crease in my upper abs... READ MORE

Recovery After Vaser Liposuction - What to Expect and What to Do?

I've had Vaser done about 10 days ago on my lower/upper tummy area, love handles and back - mostly perfect-ionizing my body shape. While my back is ok... READ MORE

I had Vaser lipo 16 days ago. I have a large dent/crease in my upper abdomen under ribs. Will this go away?

Will this go away or is it there for good? I am wearing the cg and a foam 24/7 Thanks READ MORE

Post Vaser day 4 swelling, slight chest pain

Hi, i am 4 days post vaser- day 1 i looked great, after that the swelling began and now day 4 i look very similar to what i did before. when breathing... READ MORE

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