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Vaser Lipo Made Stretch Marks Worse. Will They Get Better with Time?

You can see in the pics. My tummy looks like it's been tortured. It's been 3 weeks since I hadVaser liposuction. I'm very concerned about... READ MORE

Vaser Liposuction Vs Smart Lipo to Tighten my Skin?

I have some strech marks on my stomach after having my child. He will be 4 in August and belive it or not, my skin is still tighting slowly. My PS... READ MORE

Stretchmarks after Vaser lipo?

I had vaser lipo a month ago. Happy with the results as i lost 4 inches from abdomen area. However, it has resulted in my stretch marks appearing to... READ MORE

I have lost around 20 kilos over the year. I'm currently 77 kilos (169 lbs), I'm looking to do Vaser Hi Def (Photo)

What results should I expect from Vaser Hi Def. I suspect some lose skin, I also have some Stretch marks on my abdomen. I'm considering using Dr... READ MORE

Loose skin, stretch marks? Vaser Lipo (Photo)

I'm getting Vaser Lipo As the wonderful and talented simone matusok doesn't offer Vaser at the moment I'm going to someonelse.i'm going with Vaser for... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Vaser lipo?

I am having Vaser lipo to my chin and arms and I would really like my abdomen and waist done but I'm unsure of how much loose skin I would have after,... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Vaser lipo? (Photos)

Hi Over the past few years I've lost 4 stone, and would like to lose another stone. I've been following a healthy eating plan and regularly go to the... READ MORE

Will my stomach be really saggy after Vaser liposuction with stretch marks? (Photo)

I am 26 with one child and I have planned to get vaser liposelection on my entire torso on pooch, love handles and above the buttocks. I do have... READ MORE

Is there a big difference using Vaser? (Photo)

I am thinking about adding on Vaser for my abdomen area but was wondering if it would make a huge difference? I lost a significant amount of weight. I... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Vaser Lipo? I'm worried I may also need a tummy tuck. (Photos)

I am due to have Vaser lipo on my abdomen however I'm worried I may also need a tummy tuck. I don't have much visable loose skin on my stomach but... READ MORE

If I have Vaser lipo done on my abdomen, will it prevent a future Tummy tuck? (Stretch marks on stomach) (photo)

I am planning on having a BBL in a little over a month. I am thinking about adding Vaser to my abdomen so I will not have loose skin. Does this... READ MORE

Is it likely I will have loose skin after Vaser Lipo to abs, flanks, inner thigh and fat transfer to butt? (photos)

I am 36 with one child 15 years ago. I have some stretchmarks. Not too much and my tummy is in pretty good shape considering with no loose skin that i... READ MORE

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