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How Much Fat Can Be Removed with Vaser Lipo Selection?

Hi, just wanted to ask how much fat can be safely removed with vaser lipo selection under local. Would it be necessary to have the treatment done... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo. Is it safe to have 3L fat removed with local anaesthesia & IV sedation by cosmetic surgeon? (Photo)

I am booked in for vaser lipo of the upper/lower abs next week by an Australian cosmetic surgeon who has advised I have about 3 litres of fat to... READ MORE

Hi-Def Vaser on upper/lower abs, upper/lower back, flanks and arms on the same day - is this safe? (Photo)

I'm 123 lb. no children. Considering Hi-Def Vaser on upper/lower abs, upper/lower back , flanks and arms on the same day. Is this safe? Dr suggested... READ MORE

Is it safe for me to have Vaser Lipo if I have lymphatic drainage difficulties in my legs? (photos)

My legs get very swollen and puffy from morning to evening, the skin is not toned and I have lots of water retention , my body shape is pear and I... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo & fat transfer to buttocks with only local sedation?

A well-respected physician in my city has a medi-spa where she performs Vaso Lipo and fat transfers. I called her office today and her nurse said its... READ MORE

Large uterine fibroids and abdomen/ thighs liposuction (Photo)

Is it safe to perform Vaser liposuction in abdomen waist and thighs with several large uterine fibroids? Larger around 10 cm but they don' t cause... READ MORE

What result could I expect? (Photos)

I have done vaser lipo body countoring and posting b/a picture.I am2 days post op and I know its way too early to judge but I will appreciate any... READ MORE

Is it safe to have 2 general anaesthetics in the same week?

Is it safe to undergo vaserlipo legs and arms on a Monday and then hernia repair on the Thursday so two general anaesthetics in one week? I only have... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo/ Lipo Sculpture/ Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty? What is the safest treatment? (photos)

I want the safest treatment which would also give me best results im 160 cm in height and weigh 65 kg at the moment I have 5 kilos to lose as I was... READ MORE

I will be going for a Vaser lipo on may 30, can I tan before and after the surgery?

I will be leaving to colombia for a vaser lipo scheduled on may 30th, of course i would like to enjoy to the nice weather and wanted to see if i can... READ MORE

1 month out of 7 months in hospital due to cancer. I'm considering micro body contouring, is it safe to do this procedure?

I am 5'4'" and went from 125 to 139. I already had belly fat that bothered me on my lower stomach. I gained weight from the steroids in my treatment... READ MORE

I have Marfan Syndrome. What are my safe options for permanent fat removal procedures?

I have a small, stubborn tummy pooch and am looking at permanent fat removal, particularly Vaser lipo. However, I have a connective tissue disorder -... READ MORE

Would like to have vaser lipo but I drink 2 bottles (litres) of wine a day: Is this a problem?

I want to have this procedure, and am worried because I drink at least 2 bottles of wine a day (litres) should I tell the surgeon? I would have a... READ MORE

Is it safe/smart to have a lipo and nose surgery done at the same time?

I'm considering having a Vaser lipo and want to correct my nose at the same time. I had a nose surgery more than 10 years ago but I was never happy... READ MORE

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