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VASER High Def Lipo: Side Effects and Risks

I work out a good amount and I cannot shed the tiny layers of ab fat and love handles. I'm pretty thin (8% body fat) but the 'shredded'... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo Complications and Side Effects

What sort of side effects or after-effects are common with Vaser Liposelection? How long do side effects normally last, and how do I know if I need to... READ MORE

Is VASER Liposelection Safe to Use with Sensitive Skin Conditions Such As Eczema?

My main concern is that I have eczema and I don't how my skin would react to the vaser lipo procedure. what type of effect does vaser lipo have on... READ MORE

Taking Phentermine Before Vaser Lipo?

I've lost 60 pounds on diet and exercise but taking phentermine. I'm planning to do vaser lipo and after that a tummy tuck and breast lift. Is it safe? READ MORE

Is It Safe Having Vaser Lipo for Chin & Face Noting I Have a Thyroid Gland Problem?

I had problem with my thyroid gland ten years ago and taking medicine since that (Eltroxin)100mg. Is the VASER Chin lift and face lift safe for mu... READ MORE

How Safe is a Vaser Lipo Machine if an Appt Was Canceled Due to Malfunction?

I had a vaser lipo scheduled today in nyc, but I was told that the machine was malfunctioning and needed repair. I had taken the day off from work,... READ MORE

How much does Vaser Liposuction to the cheeks cost? (photos)

I am looking for doctors that will perform vaser lipo to the cheeks, in New York and Tampa, FL. What is the ball park price range for such a small... READ MORE

Vaser Liposuction for a Patient with Type II Diabetes

What are the risk involved for a diabetic type II getting a vaser lipo? READ MORE

Vaser for Treating Multiple Areas

25. 5'4 180lbs. The weight is distributed evenly throughout my body and I would like to know the cost of treating multiple areas including arms,... READ MORE

Vaserlipo Before Ending 6 Weeks Pregnancy

I've decided to get vaserlipo in the philippines a month ago and even put in a downpayment. however i found out recently that i was 6 weeks... READ MORE

How Long After Vaser Lipo Are You in the Clear Regarding Blood Clots?

I'm scheduled on 02/02/12 to have 4.5 Litres of Fat removed from my Torso so back, abs, sides etc. How long after this procedure am I in the clear... READ MORE

85lbs 145cm Height, Vaser Lipo 1000cc Removed? is It Safe?

Hi, i gave birth 3months ago and i had vaser lipo. im 110during pregnancy after 3months giving birth im 85lbs i had vaser lipo yesterday in back and... READ MORE

Are There Any Risks or Restrictions of Having Vaser Liposuction During a Course of Roaccutane?

Are there any risks or restrictions of having vaser liposuction during a course of ruaccutane treatment? Area to be treated by lipo are legs and acne... READ MORE

Risk of Eye Surgery and Vaser Liposuction on the Same Day?

Hi I am doing a lot of sport and can't really imagin stopping for 1 Month. As both eye surgery and liposuction requires to stop sport for some... READ MORE

Vaser lipo a couple of months before IVF, yes or definitely no?

Would you strongly advice me not to do this? We start IVF in 2 months. Over the past 2 years I've added around 1.5 stone ( use to weigh 9stone, I now... READ MORE

Smoking/Vaser lipo. Will this be a major problem for Vaser lipo under local?

Hi i have surgery in a weeks time....i have smoked for 10 years and have about 6 a day i have cut down the past few weeks and started none from today.... READ MORE

Vaser/ Smart Lipo Combo. Is this risky?

6 Years ago I had a pulmonary embolism after a tummy tuck procedure. Now I am interested in having my inner/ outer thighs and inner knees done with a... READ MORE

Vaser liposuction on face and neck, is it successful and how long is the downtime? Is there anything I should be worried about?

I am thinking if having vaser liposuction on my neck with the fat being transferred to my face. I am 58 years ild and weigh 65kgs. Is it successfull... READ MORE

Surgeon say he can do a Vaser liposuction to remove silicone. Will it work?

I had silicone injections done about 3 years ago. i have no complications and had liposuction to the body (not the butt) and had fat transferred to... READ MORE

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